World Food Day 2018 – The Most Celebrated Event of The World

world food day 2018

World Food Day 2018

Every year on 16th October FAO celebrates World Food Day. On this day in 1945, it got its origin. In all over the world across 150 countries, this Festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and this day is also called as the most celebrated event of the world.

The main reason for the celebration of world food day is to make people realize and gain their attention towards the people who die every year due to hunger. Also leads their attention to those people who don’t get proper food or water. UN has a goal of zero hunger, which will achieve by the year 2030. That is why world food Day celebrated every year.

What is FAO?

world food day 2018

FAO is an organ of the United Nations. Its main goal is to remove hunger. This organization works for both developing and developed countries. It treats each and every citizen of the world as equal. This organization is full of knowledge as it has all the records that can be used by countries to bring a change to them.

David Lubin started International Institute of food and agriculture organization.  Soon after that there was a conference in Canada on 16th October 1945 which resulted in the name of the change. World War II has seriously affected the organization and that was the reason for on 27th February 1948  food and agriculture organization (FAO) was born.


Why should we care?

world food day 2018

Another question arises why should we care and why should we celebrate the world food day? According to FAO it’s the basic human right to get proper food and water. If a country invests a lot in food and water then it will give rise to better employment opportunities and a better country for the future. UN tends to achieve zero hunger by 2030 and many of the countries have already achieved the goal.


Reasons How Zero Hunger Could Change the World

world food day 2018

  • After achieving zero hunger we could save 3.1 million children every year.
  • Each and every mother could get a healthy baby who would have a strong immune system and a strong body.
  •  If we would remove hunger from any country it would give rise to the GDP by 16.5%.
  •  If we invest just $1 to remove the hunger we would get a return of 15 to $139
  • Zero hunger will be better and see the future.
  •  If we remove the iron deficiency from the body of person we could increase the workload by 20%.
world food day 2018
The future is in our hand and if we will not care then we will surely have a dark future of ourselves or our generation. We have to start getting ready for the future right now and we should help the UN in achieving his goals by 2030.

You can just imagine what happens if you don’t get food and water for one day, you cannot survive, you may feel irritated and you cannot tolerate but still imagine there are many people in this world who sleep hungry every day, they don’t have the water to drink just because they are poor and they are unemployed.


You can just donate a small amount to the charity or to the UN to help them achieve their goals. There are thousands of children who are dying every day just because of hunger and their parents cannot do anything because they are poor and they cannot afford food or water so just think about them. If you want to change something in the world then you have to be that something.

Donating just a small amount won’t affect your pocket but that small amount could be a lifesaver for them. And remember one thing that you may never waste food, you can give that to someone needy but never throw any food. This food day takes a pledge by yourself to save food and never waste it.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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