10 Reasons – Why women live longer than men?

why women live longer than women

Women had been an important part of our life no matter where you live or how you live. It is impossible to carry out life without women. She is the creator of humans. Studies have been showed that women live longer than men, here are some of the possible reasons.


women live longer than men

  • One of the possible reasons might be that all the men work more hard as compare to women since an early grave. Work can be any it can be plowing of fields or working in a mine or a factory. They put a lot of efforts to do such hard activities. The stress and injuries they get from caught them with a shorter lifespan.
  • Men’s are more abusive to bad habits like smoking and drinking, unlike women. Results have been shown in many countries that most of the men die almost 15 years earlier than women due to a high rate of smoking and drinking this implies the strong immune system of women.
  • During women’s menstrual cycle their heart rate increases and this provides the most benefits of moderate exercise. Thus the risk of any cardiac arrest is delayed due to this.
  • It has also been proved that women’s immune system are far better than men. In many cases, it has been shown that women consume less junk food and most of the women prefer healthy food also many women’s don’t have enough diet to consume more and more. This results in the happier intestine which protects the body from any disease.
  • As women are concerned with the birth of the baby her body is being made much stronger in comparison to men to conceive a baby and to nourish it.
  • Though the best possible reason is that women are most conscious about their diet of what they eat and what they drink which makes their immune system more healthy and clean for a better life ahead.

men vs women


Women’s nowadays have been competing men in all the fields. Whether it is a fieldwork or a job they give tough competition to men’s. Though conditions of women are not that much good and also many of them don’t even have their own rights. But still, slowly and gradually each and every woman is standing for herself. And demanding for her rights which is a good indication towards a better society.

People don’t understand that if there are no women there are no humans. Practices like female infanticide have been stopped now which was done by mostly villagers to kill the baby if it’s a girl. Though this thinking and mentality have been changed still it needs to be work more hard.

By – Siddharth Vikram


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