शहीद चंद्र शेखर आज़ाद को किस देश द्रोही ने मारा था?

who killed shaheed chandra shekhar azad


When the smell of elections comes near, the whole political world starts singing their few to next to few achievements. But if you closely observe our real hero, our freedom fighters and our true leaders. They have never represented their great work as their mark of excellence.

The one of those courageous patriotic freedom fighter, who did never even let other clicks his photo was our most loving, Chandrashekhar Azad.


The time 1920s, when the whole British army would go haywire by the name of an Indian. The one who worked like a rat and raged like a lion. The one who not only had nerves to pull the English men down. But also had a great mind to steal gold under the Britisher nose.

Chandra Shekhar Azad was born on 23rd July 1906 in a village of Madhya Pradesh called Bhavra in Jhabua district. On the days of fighting against Britishers fourteen years old. Chandra Shekhar Azad got fascinated by non-violent, non-cooperation movement of 1920 led by Mahatma Gandhi. Later times he recognised that he is more drawn towards extreme boastful movements and became a revolutionary. He was the mastermind behind the renowned Kakori Conspiracy held in 1926 and also the main part of blowing up Viceroy’s train held in 1926 only.

Another forwarding to freedom conspiracies that Azad was the man behind was-

who killed shaheed chandra shekhar azad

  • Shooting Saunders at Lahore
  • The assembly bomb incident
  • The Delhi conspiracy
  • The Second Lahore conspiracy

Chandra Shekhar Azad was giving him all blood and sweat for our motherland and trying to provide freedom to the citizens yet in return for his bravery and selflessness he was awarded by treason.

Yes, only his associated backstabbed him and sell himself before the British policeman.


There is a lack of sources which can suggest the real backstabber but after some time of our independence, Sh Dharmendra Gaud released his writings suggesting the possible culprits of betrayal. He was in secret service under Britishers as an associate.

The first and foremost person he named was Virbhadra Tiwari. Though, he used to live in covers so Indian investigation team couldn’t find more about him. All they knew that he was a member of Hindu Socialist Republic Association and gone in the dark after the death of Chandra Shekhar Azad.

The second man he mentioned was Yashpal. Yashpal was a communist student and became a Hindi writer for a professional brand after independence. He tried a lot to shed Sh Dharmendra through his writing works but Indian, the whole nation didn’t show any trust on him

The last was the most popular one, that is, Jawahar Lal Nehru. It has known that Shaheed Azad met Jawaharlal Nehru a day before his death in Allahabad. So, the suspect is clearly gone to the most popular leader of India by that time that how the attack happened immediately after the meeting.


On February 27, 1931, in the Alfred park, Chandrashekar got surrounded by British Army. He fought the whole army alone. Also, he shot a couple of army man as well. But when Azad left with only one bullet in his gun. He understood that it’s the end of him. He had taken an oath to not to wear handcuffs again so with the last bullet he shoot himself on his temple.

Chandrashekhar Azad, the man lived with the highest integrity died with the highest integrity on February 27, 1931, with a quote that still resounding still in our ears.

Dushman ki goliyon ka ham samna karenge, Azad hi rahe hai, Azad hi rahenge”.



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