eat healthy


eat healthy

Why is it when you eat better you feel better? Because you reap what you sow. Truth!! Anytime you sow life producing foods into your body , your body responds by giving you life , your body starts feeling alive again. There are so many reasons to love a picnic or eating outside with loved ones. But because of fun and excitation we  forgot to take care of our diet. Here is the reminder & suggestions…

When you are eating out at public places

Public place

  • Opt for dishes that are steamed (idli), baked, grilled or roasted rather than deep fried.
  • Order small meals instead of big combinations.
  • Opt for salads (vegetable salad, fruit salad, sprouts salad, detox salad, etc.) as starters rather than fries.
  • Choose clear soups (vegetable soups) that are not cream based.
  • When ordering non- vegetarian dishes go for leaner meats like chicken/ fish instead of mutton or pork.
  • Have low fat salad dressings (lemon) instead of the full- fat (mayonnaise, cheese).
  • Use mustard dressings or ketchup instead of mayonnaise.
  • Choose water , low fat milk, lassi , coconut water , soy milk , virgin mojitos , fruit mojitos instead of regular sodas.
  • If fruit and veggies are available , try to add them into your meal, for example, have cucumber and tomato on sandwiches make sure brown bread available, veggies skillet, roasted vegetable Quiona or as different salads.

When you are at party


  • Try to have a platter of salad / fruits before starting with the main meal. At party (marriage or birthday etc) salads are already cut off and placed openly which is so unhealthy so make sure eat those who are at bottom.
  • When choosing curry preparation always pick up pieces rather than gravy because of reasons to heated repeatedly all the nutrition ends rest is only fat.
  • Go for plain water, fruit shakes and juices instead of colas and sodas.
  • Opt for tandoori / missi roti without butter instead of naan.
  • Prefer plain boiled rice instead of pulaao / biryani because it contains so much oil.
  • Instead of having full serving of dessert take only 1-2 spoons.
  • Eat your food slowly because by better chewing all nutrient can get absorbed otherwise it will take time to digest and all your digestion become a slow process.

When you are at travelling


  • Take a proper meal before leaving home. If you have feeling nausea during travel then take meal earlier by which it can digest properly and you can take proper medication also for nausea.
  • Don’t rely on roadside greasy options instead pack for yourself lots of fruits.
  • Take on the way, meals like idli / Bran biscuits and roasted namkeens. (steamed or boiled food)
  • Instead of aerated drinks (cold drinks) carry tetra packs of flavored milk, lassi and chaach and any indian drink for the journey.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar


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