Most of us think that our reality is continuous. Time is linear. The Universe is independent of us. However, it seems the story is something else. So, what is the Mandela Effect and how it is really related to our life and Universe? Let us explore!


Mandela Effect is referred to as certain events and instances when one remembers something else from what has exactly happened. Isn’t it weird that some of the most important events of the world are being remembered differently by some fraction of population than other? But why is it exactly called Mandela Effect and what were those instances that changed the world view of thousands of people? Let us discuss it in the next section.


what is the mandela effect

OK, what was exactly the year you think Nelson Mandela died? Some of you may say “Of course, He died in 2013”. But there are lots of people who think he died in 1980. Not a small group but millions of people who claim to have watched the telecast of funeral life. This was the instance that Mandela Effects that happened in History.

Now how it came to be known as the Mandela Effect?

One of those people was a lady named Fiona Broome who called herself paranormal consultant and coined this term “Mandela Effect”.


  1. We all are familiar with our planet very well. But one thing that has left many people aghast is continent of Southern America which seems to have shifted 2000 Kilometers from the position it used to be. what is the mandela effect
  2. Another one that is related to our planet is the position of Australia which was farther from Indonesia is now much nearer to it.     what is the mandela effect
  3. We are all familiar with the popular brand Coca-Cola. However, there are still debates related to its logo. what is the mandela effect
  4. Famous children storybook by the name “Berenstain Bears” used to be “Berenstein Bears” and people say they swear that it used to be other way out.what is the mandela effect
  5. One of the most popular TV show Pokemon’s character Pikachu’s tail was black or not. It isn’t decided yet.         what is the mandela effect
  6. Many more personal encounters are available online.

So, what is really going on?

There are so many explanations thrown around. Some are rational, some are fictitious and some sound stupid so let us see what are the possibilities. Please do tell us in comments.

  1. Parallel Universe can be one of the cause. According to it there are infinite copies of the universe each being slightly different from other and we are able to jump from one universe to other. Scientists agree that parallel universe might exist in reality but they are not we jump from one to other.                   what is the mandela effect
  2. Another popular belief is that we all are simulated. That our whole Universe is a simulation controlled by some advanced civilization and these changes are just However there is still no concrete evidence for simulation theory.
  3. A bit more rational explanation is given by psychologists and neuroscientists that human memory is extremely fragile and is subject to false conclusions. Such as creating a false memory of any event on the basis of some dream or something else.

what is the mandela effect

So, do you think something is really fishy or Mandela Effect is just another fictitious phenomenon? Do you have any personal experience which can be your Mandela Effect?

By- Jatin Agrawal


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