What is Domain, web hosting, domain name, availability & registration?? All details

what is domain

What is Domain?

A domain name is basically your website name. It is the internet address where users surfing the internet can find their identity on the internet. The computer is programmed to just understand two numbers 0 and 1. And just like that every internet user has a separate identity which is known as IP address. The IP address is so long that’s it is difficult for any human to learn and understand. For this reason, domain is made to ease the work of humans by identifying the entries rather than learning the IP address itself.

A domain name can be any, either it can be a group of words or a group of numbers. That can be used by various domain name extensions like .com, .in, .net etc. Each and every domain name is unique. And must be registered before using it. As the domain name given to you cannot be used by any other person. For example, if you have registered your domain for www.tex.com so if anybody enters this in their webpage it will redirect to your website only and no other.


what is domain

One can easily get there domain name registered through various means. The person who registers a domain name is called the domain name registrant. The registration of domain name lies only with the ‘Domain Name Registrar’, ‘ICANN’ or a national ccTLD accredited company. This help any individual or any organization to register for a domain name that includes .com, .net, etc. One can also check the availability of their domain name through various websites they can do this for free. Domain name check is a must before starting a website.


what is domain

Hosting also known as web hosting or server portion is just a space that you can rent on to publish your business on the internet. A web host service provider is basically a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website to be viewed by the internet users on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored, on special computers called servers. When anybody wants to visit your website they can just type your website name in their web address and they will be directed to your website. Most companies demand that an individual must have to their domain in order to host with them. But if you don’t have any domain you can buy one from them. If you buy a domain you will be getting your personal and unique domain name, an email id and web hosting in the pack.


what is domain

Different websites offer different types of domains like .com , .net , .in etc. And all the websites have their different rates for domains and the services offered. There are many websites from which you can directly buy a domain and start a web hosting like www.godaddy.com , www.domian.com , www.bigrock.in and many more. The cheapest in the market is www.godaddy.com as it offers a domain name, email id and web hosting just for 199/- per month.

By – Siddharth Vikram


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