The shocking lies about virginity


What you have grown up believing turned out to be all wrong.

We all grew up believing that hymen can be used to determine a woman’s virginity. Hymen, which is believed and imagined to be a piece of delicate tissue which covers the outer portion of women’s vagina and that it breaks and bleed during first sexual intercourse, turns out to be wrong. A hymen is neither as delicate as you think nor it totally covers the vagina. It doesn’t even have to break in most cases. In fact, half of the people reading this article will never bleed, leaving out the men of course. These theories were simply myths, myths that have been circulating from over the centuries and ruining women’s lifetime. The misery of women surrounded by these myths is such that there are even cases of abuse and honor killings.

The two great myths that are still believed

Number one is about the blood that hymens break and women bleed during their first vaginal sex. Another one states that hymens disappear after it breaks and bleed or simply its state is altered. One would see both of these legendary myths shattered within this article only.

How such myths do came into existence?


Considering the above two myths to be true, one can easily determine if women are virgin or not by simply examining her genitals. ‘Virgins bleed, hymens are lost forever’, myths lived for many centuries. These myths are powerful tools to control and abuse women’s freedom and sexuality in almost every culture and religion. They are shamed and misunderstood and sometimes in the worst cases, honor killed too. Logically these myths must have been created by a dominant society which never wanted women to have dignity and respect. Time has changed now, women want dignity and respect and in order to ensure that, it is time to break these myths once and for all.

Is it true?

People believe that a hymen is like a seal covering the vagina and if the seal is not present than simply the woman cannot be a virgin. Contrary to this, the hymen is more like a scrunchie or a rubber band with a large central hole. You can stretch a rubber band, the same way the hymen is also very fragile and flexible, it can be stretched. It can be penetrated through without being broken or damaged. And this is the case of half the virgins on earth. For others, hymen occurs in varying forms like it can have fringes or several holes or lobes. That means half of the women on earth will simply not bleed at all during the penetrative sex.

The scientific proof

The first myth was broken over 100 years ago in 1906 by Dr. Marie Jeancet. She examined a middle-aged sex worker’s genitalia and it was like that of a teenage girl, her hymen was never damaged or disappeared during sex. In a study done on 36 pregnant teenage girls by doctors, clear signs of penetration or sex were only seen in 2 out of 36. If one believes the second myth, no matter what, then he would also have to believe that there were 34 virgin births, which makes no sense for a sane mind.

Hymens can’t be used as a sign of virginity. People may want to know, the otherwise, that how else we can know about a woman’s virginity. What should we use if hymens can’t be used as a virginity status? Simple, we choose to use nothing. Nothing, if this is the world which fights for the women’s right, dignity, and sexual health.

By – Priya Gupta


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