United States Independence – History & Facts

united states independence

The date, i.e. 2nd August, is a remarkable date for the Americans. It is a very important date for them as a major historical moment ‘SIGNING OF THE US DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE’ took place on this very date.

Great Britain had been a powerful nation in the international scene ever since its existence. Conquering great countries such as India, it had been ruling over a massive area of America. The Declaration proclaimed that the thirteen colonies (at that time on war with Great Britain) were now a sovereign and independent nation and thus no part of the mighty British Empire.

According to historians and sources of information, the draft was approved on July 4 and its signing took place on this date, i.e. 2nd August 1776. However, the fixed date is yet a matter of dispute.

united states independence

The Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration on 4th July 1776 with 12 out of the 13 colonies voting for the independence. The venue of this major historical moment was ‘THE INDEPENDENCE HALL’ located in the city of Philadelphia.

 The mighty ones:

The following is a list of all the delegates who signed the declaration and contributed towards a major step in the formation of what is today called ‘ The United States of America’. The names of those gentlemen are:

President of Congress

John Hancock (Massachusetts Bay)

New Hampshire

Josiah Bartlett

William Whipple

Matthew Thornton

Massachusetts Bay

Samuel Adams

John Adams

Robert Treat Paine

Elbridge Gerry

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

Stephen Hopkins

William Ellery


Roger Sherman

Samuel Huntington

William Williams

Oliver Wolcott


New York

William Floyd

Philip Livingston

Francis Lewis

Lewis Morris

New Jersey

Richard Stockton

John Witherspoon

Francis Hopkinson

John Hart

Abraham Clark
united states independence


Robert Morris

Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Franklin

John Morton

George Clymer

James Smith

George Taylor

James Wilson

George Ross


33. Caesar Rodney

  1. George Read
  2. Thomas McKean


Samuel Chase

William Paca

Thomas Stone

Charles Carroll of Carrollton


George Wythe

Richard Henry Lee

Thomas Jefferson

Benjamin Harrison

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Francis Lightfoot Lee

Carter Braxton
united states independence

North Carolina

William Hooper

Joseph Hewes

John Penn

South Carolina

Edward Rutledge

Thomas Heyward, Jr.

Thomas Lynch, Jr.

Arthur Middleton


Button Gwinnett

Lyman Hall

George Walton

The Closure: Complete independence from anyone or anything is welcomed by all happily. The day of 2nd August is very important for the native Americans as well as for the world.

By – Vaibhav Srivastava


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