Union minister Jayant Sinha honoured for mobs lynching accused


Union minister Jayant Sinha honored for mobs lynching accused

Jharkhand High Court has convicted eight accused in the murder of Youth Alimuddin, who was killed in suspicion of taking beef in Jharkhand’s Ramgar.

Jharkhand High Court granted bail to eight accused in the murder of Youth Alimuddin, who died in suspicion of taking beef in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh.

After getting bail, Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha called these accused in his house and honoured them with flowers and greeted them with a garland.

In addition, sweets were distributed in the BJP District Office.On this issue the opposition parties said that 27 people have been killed on the basis of suspicion in 10 states of the country and Jayant Sinha has been involved in welcoming the accused who do so.

Chaudhary said that Advocate BV Tripathi is in God’s place. Due to their debate, our 8 brothers got bail. After all the people got bail, a grand victory procession will be removed in Ramgarh.

Yashwant Sinha did tweet, now worth the worthless son 

New Delhi:

Former Union Minister Yashwant Sinha has criticized his son and Union Minister JayantSinha for honouring the accused of Moblanching in Jharkhand wearing a garland.

Yashwant tweeted, “Some time ago I was worthless father of the son. But now the roll has changed.

That’s Twitter.

You can never win.
Significantly, the trollers have been trolling Yashwant Sinha by telling him the worthless father of a worthy son.

Jayant says, let the law work for him

Father yelled, this is my daughter, the crowd beat the child as a thief Mangalore.

In Menguru, Karnataka, the raging crowd attacked a man carrying his own child and beat him down and beat him.

Khalid was taking his one-and-a-half-year old child to a rickshaw in the cottage of Belathangadi in southern Karnataka.

Tripura: People of mass awareness on mob litchi  killing 

Agartala | In order to prevent rumors of mobs lining, the Tripura government had formed a team to make people aware.

Now in connection with this, the police has arrested 7 people. There was a rumor behind this incident which was being spread through social media and zuban.

It was started after the body of a 11-year-old child was found in Mohanpura area, which had a cut mark on it.

Due to these marks the news spread that the child’s kidney was extracted.

Earlier, 30-year-old Zaheer Khan, who was a Rehadi, was killed by a crowd of 1000 people. He was traveling with the van to sell the merchandise with his three colleagues when the crowd attacked.

By – Ritika Gupta



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