CANCER: The Most Feared Disease All Over The World



Cancer is the most feared disease among people all over the world. The most traumatising  part of this is that symptoms of most of the types of cancer are shown up so late that it has already rooted deeply inside the body. But what is more surprising is that this cancer gene is present in each and everyone of us. The onco gene which is responsible for cancer is present in all of us. It is just needed to get activated.


types of cancerCancer is a condition where normal body cells become cancerous and get out of control, they grow rapidly and abnormally. When such cells grow rapidly and abnormally they start invading the surrounding cells and tissues and harm them. Cancer affects normal functioning and metabolism of body. These conditions may eventually lead to partial or total paralysis or damage of body parts  and in severe cases may even lead to death. This is serious but simply a case of disturbance in cell growth and death cycle.

Most the times several types of cancer goes undetected for many years until its very last stage. Symptoms to certain types of cancer can be very minute and normal physiological body conditions but it is severe and growing inside. cancer can also form a solid mass inside the body which is called tumor.

Types of cancer


These type of cancer are slow in growth yet life-threatening especially when it has taken a form of a tumour in the brain. Such type of cancer is restricted to the region of origin and is not spread up to the other unharmed parts of the body. They have fewer chances of recurring after it has been removed from the affected body parts. they lack the property of metastasis. Metastasis is the property of cancer in which it spreads to other parts of the body to harm healthy tissues.


They are metastatic in nature. Such type of cancer is very dangerous as it is not limited to the region of origin but spread to the other parts of the body via the main bloodstream. Then it enters the other tissues of the body via tissue fluid i.e., lymph. Malignant tumour are deeply rooted inside the body that even after treating it from part of the body it keeps occurring time and again to the other parts of the body.

Stages of Cancer

There are basically 0 to 4 stages of cancer

0th stage is just the initiation of cancer in which cancer has started  but is not diagnosed easily

1st, 2nd and 3rd stages are the periods of growth and development of cancer. Symptoms are visible at this stage.

4th stage is the last stage of cancer.  In this stage, it terrifically spread up. And treatment becomes almost impossible and the disease is not curable at this stage.

By – Priya Gupta


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