Trending Games For Android


Trending Games For Android


When it comes to entertainment games are said to be one of the best ways to excite yourself. They could easily pass your time and gives you joy. Even it is proved that the gaming market is one of the most successful rate in the market. Millions of engineers are applied just to create one game.


There are lot of games available for pc which would give you just the realistic touch of the game, it would make you feel that you are just inside the game. But the problem is that we can only play pc games when we are at our home or where pc is available. To cut off this various new smartphones games for android are released that would give you the same fell at anytime. There are a lot of best and trending games on android play store.


Games on Google Play


Asphalt-8trending games for android

The asphalt series is one of the most successful gaming series in the store. They produce racing games for all age groups and its also one of the most trending and famous android racing game. This game includes lots of cars to race with and also some with the feature of single player and multiplayer. The graphics of this game is dam so good you can also play with your socially active friends.


Clash Royaletrending games for android

This is the latest game of Supercell, yes it is the company that had produced various famous and trending games including Clash of Clans. In this game, you could collect cards, build decks and then you can compete online with your opponent. You will be earning trophies after every game you win.

Pokémon Gotrending games for android

It was the biggest hit when it was released in 2016. It is also one of the biggest online game for android. Players can explore in real life to find Pokémon’s all around their city or area. After collecting all the Pokémon’s you can just start a battle with your opponent.


PUBG Mobiletrending games for android

This game is not yet released globally however within spam of time it became the most popular trending game on android. This game lets player to land in an island with 99 more players. Players collect weapons, food etc. and then battle with each other. The winner of this game is the last person who would survive on this island. Every week new mod is added to the game.

NOVA Legacy

This was one of the most successful game of all time in shooters category. It has advanced its graphics and mods since its release. There is a storyline in this game and one can enjoy both single player and multiplayer component. It is a sc-fi game so it is different from all the others.


By- Siddharth Vikram




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