top 10 richest bollywood actors

Here is the list of top 10 richest Bollywood actors in 2018…..

Rank           Name                             Age                          NetWorth($)

  1.          Shahrukh  Khan                     52                           760 million
  2.          Amitabh  Bachchan                 75                           400 million
  3.          Salman  Khan                         52                           319 million
  4.          Aamir Khan                            53                           185 million
  5.          Akshay Kumar                        50                           180 million
  6.          Dharmendra                           82                           70 million
  7.          Ranbir Kapoor                         35                           66 million
  8.          John Abrahm                           45                          55 million
  9.          Irfan Khan                              51                           50 million
  10.          Hrithik Roshan                        44                           45 million


  1. Shahrukh Khan

top 10 richest bollywood actorts

Shahrukh Khan also known as “SRK”, an Indian film actor, producer, and television personality. Referred in public as ‘Badshah of bollywood’, ‘King Khan’, ‘King of Bollywood’.

Born:                       2 November, 1965

Birth Place:            New Delhi, India

Age:                         52

Nationality:            Indian

Residence:              Mumbai, India

Education:              Delhi University

Occupation:            Actor, producer

Spouse:                    Gauri Khan

Children:                  3

Movies:                    80+

Net worth income:$760million

2. Amitabh Bachchan

top 10 richest bollywood actorts


Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian film actor, producer, television host, and former politician. Referred to as the ‘Shahenshah of Bollywood’,  ‘Star of the Millenium’ and ‘Big B’.

 Born:                   11 October, 1942

Birth Place:        Allahabad, UP, India

Age:                     75

Nationality:        Indian

Residence:          Mumbai, India

Education:          Nainital and Delhi


Occupation:        Actor, producer

Spouse:                Jaya Bachchan

Children:              2

Awards:                Padma vibhushan

                              Padma Bhushan and


Net worth income:$400million


  1. Salman Khan

top 10 richest bollywood actorts

Born:                 27 December, 1965

Age:                   52

Birth place:      Indore, MP, India

Residence:       Mumbai, India

Nationality:     Indian

Occupation:    Actor, producer, singer, Presenter

Net worth income: $319million

4. Aamir Khan

top 10 richest bollywood actorts


Born:                   14 March, 1965

Birth place:        Mumbai, India

Age:                     53

Education:          Narsee Monjee college of Commerce and Economics

Nationality:        Indian

Occupation:       Actor, director, playback Singer, activist, talk show host

Spouse:              Reena Dutta(1986-2002)

                            Kiran Rao(2005)

Children:             3

Net worth income :$185million


5. Akshay Kumar

top 10 richest bollywood actorts

Actor, producer, stuntman, martial artist and spending 25 + years in film career.

Born:                  9 September, 1967

Birth place:       Amritsar, Punjab, India

Age:                    50

Residence:        Mumbai, India

Citizenship:      Canadian

Spouse:             Twinkle Khanna

Children:           2

Net worth income: $180 million

  1. Dharmendra

top 10 richest bollywood actorts

Born:                   8 December, 1935

Birth place:       Punjab, India

Age:                    82

Nationality:      Indian

Political party: BJP

Spouse:             Parkash kaur

                           Hema malini

Children:          6

Net worth income:$70million

7. Ranbir Kapoor

top 10 richest bollywood actors

Born:                28 September, 1982

Birth place:     Mumbai, India

Age:                  35

Occupation:    Actor, film producer

Net worth income:$66million

8. John Abrahm

top 10 richest bollywood actors

Born:              17 December, 1972

Birth place:   Mumbai, India

Age:                45

Occupation:  Actor, model

Spouse:          Priya Runchal

Net worth income: $55million

9. Irfan Khan

top 10 richest bollywood actors

Born:                 7 January, 1966

Birth place:      Jaipur,Rajasthan, India

Age:                   52

Occupation:     Actor, producer

Spouse:             Suttapa Sikdar

Children:           2

Net worth income: $50 million

10. Hrithik Roshan

top 10 richest bollywood actors

Born:                  10  January, 1974

Birth place:       Mumbai, India

Age:                   44

Occupation:     Actor

Spouse:             Sussane Khan

Children:           2

Net worth income:$55million

 By Anjali Chauhan


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