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You will get amazed by knowing the Top 10 richest families in the world. The top 10 richest families in the world have a staggering amount of wealth — comparable to the GDP of small countries. Many of the world’s richest families are self-made and turned the world into a billion-dollar fortune. For others, like the Rothschild’s family, their businesses were inherited, but their control of the company led to overwhelming amounts of wealth. Many wealthiest families founded NGOs for helping peoples and donate a large percentage of their money to charity. In fact, several of the world’s richest families like Walton family they earn lower profits to serve things more and more people.

According to Forbes, there are over 2,200 billionaires within the world, and this range is merely expected to grow. Based on the most recent estimates from Forbes, the world’s richest families range from tech CEOs to heiresses to expert investors. Read on to find out how these people become so wealthy and live the luxurious life.

  1. The Rothschild Family          

  • Topping the list we have Rothschild family from Germany. It descends from Mayor Amschel Rothschild who started a banking business in the year 1970.
  • He has established a family of international banking with his sons, who founded the companies in Paris, London, Frankfurt, and
  • Beginnings with banking and soon diversifying into art and real estate, the Rothschild have influence over central banks and the price of gold.
  • The estimated net worth of family is $ 10 trillion. Considering their power it doesn’t match of a surprise that some people think they control the world.
  1. The house of Saud

  • The modern founder of Saudi Arabia is Ibn Saud and the majority of the ruling factions are his descendants. House of Saud is known as the ruling family of Saudi Arabia.
  • The family consists of descendants of Muhammad bin Saud, who founded Emirates of diryah, the first state of Saudi and his sibling. In 1744, ruling family was founded by Muhammad bin Saud.
  • The family is mainly into petroleum nosiness and it is believed that petroleum was first discovered in Saudi under the king ibn said. Ibn Saud’s family is ruling central Arabia for past 130 years. The present king of Saudi Arabia is King
  • The throne is passed from one son to another so the next king is going to be Muhammad bin Nayef. Estimated net worth $ 1.4 trillion.
  1. Walton family

  • Huge wealthy family which is headed by Sam Walton.
  • The wal-mart stores were established by Sam Walton in 1962. The company has a chain of a discount department store, grocery store, and
  • The store was opened to sell products at lower prices and earn lower profits with high sales. They have 11,539 stores in 28 countries.
  • In total, they give employment to 2.3 million people worldwide and 1.4 million in the S. Estimated net worth is $ 130 billion.
  1. Koch family

  • The Koch family is headed by Fred Koch founder of Koch industries which is established in 1940 as wood river oil and refining company.
  • It is a 2nd largest private company of US, later become public. Now, The Company is mainly into chemicals, energy, fibers, fertilizers etc.
  • Estimated net worth is $ 82 billion.
  1. Mars family

  • The Mars family is known to own one of the best confectionery It has an annual sale of US $3 billion and is the 6th biggest private company in America.
  • The company was started by Franklin Clarence mars and after some time takes over by sir forest.
  • The company is mainly known for chocolates namely snickers, Mars M&M’S and Milky Way bars, drinks, and symbloscience.
  • Estimated net worth is $ 78 billion.
  1. Carlos slim helu family

  • The slim family is headed by Carlos slim helu. He is a business magnate, philanthropist, and investor from Mexico. He always wanted to become a businessman.
  • Further, he started by investing in government bonds and purchased shares of a Mexican bank. As a graduate, he started his career as a stock trader and began his company called investors bursatil. He started the work of Grupo Carso.
  • His companies were into soft drinks, real estate; construction, aluminum, chemical etc. estimated net worth is $ 52 billion.
  1. Cargill Macmillan family

  • The company was named Cargill. It is the 15 one of the biggest private companies in
  • The company is into purchasing, distributing and trading grains and other commodities like palm oil, transport and steel, feed production and many
  • And produced ingredients like starch, glucose syrup, fats and vegetable for industrial and processed food. Estimated net worth $49 billion.
  1. Liliane Bettencourt and familytop 10 richest families in the world 

  • Liliane Henriette Charlotte Bettencourt is an heiress businesswoman and socialite from France.
  • She started her career at age of 15 as an apprentice in her father’s company L’Oreal. In 1957, her father founded L’Oreal Company after him she becomes the main shareholder and runs the company.
  • Now run by her grandsons that are from only daughter. Estimated net worth is $ 42.7 billion.
  1. Bernard Arnault family

    top 10 richest families in the world

  • The Arnault family is headed by Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault, a business magnate from France and is also an art collector and investor.
  • He was the 14th richest man in the world and 2nd in France in the year 2015. Since 1989, Bernard is the CEO and chairman of LVHM.
  • After working a few years in his father company he suggests to shift the company focuses on real estate and started a new company under the name fresnel which specialized in providing accommodation for holidays.
  • In 11 years, LVHM’s market value has increased 15times and its profit 500%. Estimated worth is $ 39 billion.
  1. The Cox family top 10 richest families in the world

  • The story started in 1898 when James cox purchased Dayton daily news. This company was in Dayton. Cox Enterprises, Inc. is a private company is into automotive and communication services.
  • It owns television stations, newspaper, radio station, Manheim auction, Kelly blue book, and auto trader, and Valpak, and cox communication.
  • The board of directors is the fourth generation people of the family. It is the family-owned company because they own 99% of the company share.
  • Also, the subsidiary companies are cox communication, cox media group and automotive. The estimated net worth of family is $ 34.5 billion.

By ~ Steffy Brizawar



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