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Here we have top 10 horror movies. These are the flicks that make our hearts race and today we’re counting down the top 10 horror movies list you shouldn’t watch alone. We’re highlighting scary films from other genres that are simply scary to watch.

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top 10 horror movies

It has been able to create moments of fright quite like insidious. Veteran horror director James Wan features a tale of a young boys struggle against possession and terrifying scenes. Insidious is a scary film that feels like it could just as easily be rated due to its sheer terror and its sequels are no slouch in the scares department either.


top 10 horror movies

It’s the ultimate horror film. An accomplished director, legendary actor, absolutely terrifying imagery do a spinning demon-possessed head qualifies. The Exorcist also nominated for 10 Academy Awards. Thus, proving the power of efficient filmmaking. It’s actually an occasion to look at The Exorcist particularly with people who are simply afraid.


This is a remake of the 1998 Japanese film. It left an imprint on all who watched because the terrible premise highlighted the horror that comes from looking a mysterious video of Redrum.

top 10 horror movies

Naomi Watts stars as a protecting mother who tries to interrupt the cycle of death by finding a murder case and so saving everyone from lonely VHS deaths. The ring was the primary of many Japanese variations in present time and was liable for exalting lonely moviegoers to decide their best friends to whisper into the phone so wrecking their Friday night plans who watches the ring alone.


It’s the film twist to finish all film twists. The Sixth Sense stars Haley Joel. A young boy experiencing visions of dead individuals whereas kid psychologist Malcolm Crowe performed by Bruce Willis tries to assist him.

top 10 horror movies

The supernatural elements of the film are for the most part less in-your-face than typical horror movies portraying the spirits as lost souls rather than revengeful ghosts. The sixth sense in an exceedingly position is ready to balance fear with humanity in a manner that well-tried to stay with audiences and critics long once its release.

  1. MAMA

Before the success of 2017 “IT” director Andy machete broke into the mainstream with this haunting gem. Like most of the cinema on our list, MAMA depends on old-school tension building rather than violence and gore to get it scares. It tells the story of two children kidnapped by their murderous father who is rescued by a mysterious spirit they call mama. After years alone in the wilderness, the girls are found and returned to civilization. But mama is not quite prepared for them to depart.

top 10 horror movies

The mystery of Mama’s identity is unravelled over the course of the film by a virtually unrecognizable Jessica Chastain as Annabelle and therefore the film’s ending culminates in a very terrific face-off.


top 10 horror movies

Based on the 2002 Japanese film Jew owned this Sam Raimi produced flick reminded everybody that a horrific death filled with rage or sorrow does not signify the end. With a nonlinear plot, The Grudge chronicles numerous stories of turbulent deaths and the cycle of horror that ensues. The concept of the grudge is inherently shocking but the visuals are merely on another level.


top 10 horror movies

This found-footage flick made audiences wet their pants and Blaine loved ones for spilling soda in the theatre When Katy and Mika move into a new San Diego pad a collection of weird events inspire them to line up cameras. Katie stares at her sleeping husband for 2 hours and later gets the force out of the bedroom. To make matters worse the demon gets all kinky and starts biting for Katy. What happens next will shock you.


That you most likely picked the incorrect home to manoeuvre into, while your dog enigmatically dies throughout your initial few days and spirits begin to fulfil a desire to finish you. Such was the case within the conjuring wherever Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as real-life ghost investigators trying to prevent an entity from committing bloody murder.

top 10 horror movies

You know the drill exorcisms horrible screams slow insanity, but James Juan’s film offered much more than the usual genre shenanigans. It made people paranoid and afraid of being slaughtered by a smiling yet torn up doll named Annabelle


top 10 horror movies

Kate Hudson stars as Carolyn Ellis a hospice nurse who is dragged into a dark conspiracy by unknown forces whereas caring for a senior man. Although it had been released to mixed reactions the skeleton key features a tense atmosphere together with some unforgettable moments throughout Caroline’s exploration of the mansion. The film concludes with a worrisome ending that’s bound to stick in viewer’s minds for an extended time.


top 10 horror moviesChilean Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar crafted a scary story able to frightened audiences and a critic alike with 2001’s the others. Nicole Kidman stars as Widow and mother grace Stewart in the horror period piece which takes place shortly after World War Two on a rural island in the English Channel. The others old horror movie is a classic but effective haunted house tale with genuine scares and striking visuals. The horror throwback garnered several awards and became a financial success.

~ Steffy Brizawar


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