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top 20 food delivery websites

Ohkay! So let’s have a quick view at what times you need/want food.

  • When you are hungry, you need food.
  • Sitting idle, want something to chop on.
  • Watching a movie, aah! Would be nice to have some munchies.
  • Sudden guests at home, uff! Where will I get urgent breakfast for them?
  • Kids are zooming in and out of the house, snacks that will keep them at rest for sometime.

top 20 food delivery websitesSo in gist, food has become crucial solutions for so many worries and needs. Not every time we are always prepared to make food and just want readymade and tasty as well. We need our saviour in the food department. Food delivery apps are those. Here are some personally assorted and publicly ranked food ordering apps around the globe just for you!



Just like its name, its services are very seamless. This app has in-app discounts and exclusive offers in it. You’ll just have to enter your location and boom! it’ll show all the eateries near you. Free delivery on minimum orders. Currently available in approximately more than 600 cities in the U.S.


You can search in it by cuisine or by the specific menu, can save delivery location. It’s a free use app but may have a delivery fee for some restaurants. Currently operates in more than 900 cities.


It is not spread up like the earlier ones but what makes it different are its unique features. Further, it has a ‘Doordash Delight’ scoring system which uses factors like food quality, consumer statistics, delivery time, restaurant popularity etc. It is available in dozens of cities like Seattle, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and New York. Fees include the cost of the meal, tax delivery charges etc.

Uber eats

If you trust Uber to drive you in and out of the city than you can also trust it for delivering food to your doorstep. Services available in cities like Los Angles, Chicago. Gives you estimated delivery time, cashless transaction. It is in many parts of the globe like Singapore, Portland, Tokyo, Austin. Have $5 per delivery charge.


It’s delivery app just like other but also more at the same time. It’s delivery services are little widespread an items. Almost like picking anything from anywhere and dropping it to your doorstep, like alcohol. The only limitation is it’s location as it is in 90 cities in the U.S. It has free delivery from restaurants and select stores on order above $25.

It’s a free app. You can order wide varieties like groceries, lunch, wine etc. May have restaurant charges or minimum orders. Available in dozens of main cities in the U.S.


It has some very good reviews. You can choose your restaurant to deliver your dinner. Free app. In more than 1,500 cities in the United States. Have minimum order or restaurant delivery charge.


Along with other usual cashless options you can also choose to pay via Bitcoin or Foodler bucks. It has builtin rewards. Available in more than 4,000 cities in the U.S.


You can order phone charges if you want to or bathroom tissues, it can also deliver vaporizers for you. Available in Phoenix, Seattle, Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago etc in the U.S. It’s a free app but $2 charge for fast service under 30 minutes.

By-Priya Gupta


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