todays history


todays history

Human history becomes more & more a race. History cannot give us future program rather it can give us an understanding of ourselves. It prepared us for the future so that we can face it better. Let’s remember all the good and bad phases.

The first foreign film

“Queen Elizabeth”

In 1912, “Queen Elizabeth” became the first foreign film to telecast in America. It was a French silent film named Les Amours de la Reine Élisabeth (The Loves of Queen Elizabeth). It first released in the USA than in France in August.

The first steamship

first steam ship “Diana”

In 1823, The first steamship “Diana” was launched in Kolkata. It was a team paddle steamer. During the Burmese war. It became the 1st warship of East India company.

Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat,

In 1994, Yasser Arafat, chairman of Palestinian Liberation organizations, came to Gaza city after 27 years of exile. Mohammed Yasser born in Cairo in 1929. From this post, he was at forefront of years of border disputes and violence on neighboring Israel.

Legendary actor passed away

Indian legendary actor, Pran

In 2013, Indian legendary actor, Pran passed away and shock the whole film industry. He gave us many blockbuster films like Shahenshah, Naseeb and Amar Akbar Anthony and many more.

Filmmaker of blockbuster

famous filmmaker Bimal Roy

In 1909, famous filmmaker Bimal Roy was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He gave us never forgetting blockbuster movies like Devdas, Do Bigha Zameen, madhumati and many more.

American Congress

American Congress

In 1862, American Congress authorized the Medal of Honor. It is the U.S. highest and most honorable personal military tracery, which is awarded to recognize U.S. military members. It earlier  known as Medal of Valor as it was created as a navy version.

Shivaji signed the new agreement of freindship

Shivaji, Chatrapati

In 1674. Shivaji, Chatrapati of new Maratha Kingdom, signed a friendship agreement with East India Company. He established the self-rule of Hindu people (Hindavi Swarajya) and indite an independent Maratha kingdom and rule over it.

Marriage of king Henry VIII

King Henry VIII of England

In 1543, King Henry VIII of England married his 6th and Last Wife Katherine Parr. He is well-known for his six marriages. His last wife, Parr helped him to reconcile with his daughters Elizabeth and Mary.

Delhi Sultan Bahlol Khan

Delhi Sultan Bahlol khan lodi

In 1489, Delhi Sultan Bahlol Khan Lodi passed away. He founded the Lodi dynasty in 1451 and ruled over Delhi till his death. He was one of Sardars of Afghan who established himself in Punjab after an attack of Timur. At last, after him, Sikandar Lodi proceeds the Lodi Dynasty.

By ~ Vaibhav


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