Do you know until 1986, India was the only official place where diamonds were found?

the place where diamonds were found officially

The place where diamonds were found officially

From ancient times, India was the source of nearly all the world’s known diamonds. And until the discovery of diamonds in Brazil, India was the only place where diamonds were found officially. Diamond is the hardest gem present in the world. It is the brightest stone which can lighten up the dark room. And that is why it is too expensive. Generally, people love to wear diamond and ladies mostly like diamond jewellery.
the place where diamonds were found officially
There was one Diamond mining industry present in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. The town is famous for Majhgawan mine and the mine is around 6.5 ha in area. The mine produces around eighty-four thousand carats of Diamond per year. Mining is done by an open pit, which has a pipe deep downing to three hundred thirty meters down towards the earth crust. The mine provides employment to the local people and employees around two hundred workers a day. It is owned by National Mineral Development Corporation. The mine was started in around 1960 and began regular production in 1967. It has yielded more than million carats of diamonds by the previous year.


The extracted diamonds are directly handed over to the government diamond office in Panna. Here the security premises are so high that even a single diamond can’t be lost from here. There are around nine hundred mines producing diamond under government. But there are several small illegal mines too, which sells the unknown amount of diamonds on the black market. However, there are some private mining companies like Rio Tinto which are working in Madhya Pradesh for the extraction of Diamonds.


In the ancient times, Diamond mining continued to fascinate Europeans. One of the popular traveller Marco Polo travelled along the coast of India to record the tales he heard about the diamonds. He found that India is a country of precious gems and metals. Britishers occupied India due to this reason only. And during there session, they have taken all our India’s wealth to there country mostly Europe.

Brazilian Diamonds

Though Brazil also started producing diamonds. But Brazilian diamonds are reputed to be artificial or inferior one only. They didn’t have the command in the real market. India is continuing to be the largest source of Diamond mining in the World. The cost of Indian diamond is very high as compared to Brazilian Diamond. Though Indian diamonds are very expensive to buy, that why people buy Brazilian diamond to raise their standards.

                              Yash Garg


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