One of the Most Beautiful Travel Site- Ishigaki


A Great vacation @Ishigaki

Ishigaki- One of the most beautiful travel site. A perfect view of the sunset with a tinge of the beauty of nature, go diving in the deep and clean waters of Japan or lie up and relax on one of the finest beaches in the world, well Ishigaki in Japan has got all you need for perfect vacations!

A tough task is selecting some of the topmost tourist places in this elegant place, as this place will tempt you to reside here forever!

However, there are many-a-things, Ishigaki is famous for!

Some popular tourist destinations:-

  1. Yonehara Beachishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site

A child or an adult, a male or a female, young or old, well everyone loves the view of a beach, is fascinated by the shallow waters, the giant waves. Well if you are looking for a place just described above then you ought not to miss the chance of being at ‘The Yonehara Beach’ at least once. Believe me, visit once and you will feel yourself getting tempted to visit this place again and again!

  1. Tamatorizaki Observatoryishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site

Ever viewed a beach or a giant water body from the top of a cliff? Well if you haven’t got such a spectacular view, then you must visit this Tamatorizaki Observation Point to get a magnificent view of Cape Tamatori.

a view from the observatory

ishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site


  1. Sukuji Beach

    ishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site

A perfect spot for the ones who like to spend their entire day bathing or just relaxing in the shallow deep waters, Sukuji has got a very long shoreline giving you a perfect view! This place has got the finest sand in Ishigaki and gives you a great experience of being at a beach.

  1. Kannozak Lighthouse

    ishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site

Built-in 1812 by the Tokugawa Shogunate to safeguard Edo against Western Ships, it is one of the best vantage points on the eastern side of the Miura Peninsula. On the present date, the lighthouse stands as one of the popular tourist spots in the Ishigaki. The lighthouse surrounded by the peacefulness of the Kanzaki Park.

  1. Mount Nosoko

Interested in mount-climbing? Well if yes, then Ishigaki has got Mt. Nosoko, 282 meters tall, which will fulfil your climbing desire. Your efforts will definitely be awarded when you will reach the top of the mountain, as you will get a proper panoramic view of the island’s excellent landscape with a fine view of the surrounding waters.

ishigaki- one of the most beautiful travel site


So, what are you waiting for?

Enjoy your vacations with your family or your loved ones and create another wonderful memory at this glorious Ishigaki Island.

By- Vaibhav Srivastava


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