Reasons why India has the least rate of divorce

least divorce in india


India is the land of culture and rich heritage with over more than 1 billion people residing. It is the largest country in Asia. India is most popular for her rich heritage and cultural values. No other country would ever compete India in her cultural values. India is a perfect example of strong bonding among the family members. It too had the best slogan for the visitors “ ATTITHI DEVO BHAVA” which is a Sanskrit word and it means Guests are Gods. India never fails to surprise its tourist. If you would alone travel India each and every place it might take you more than 100 years. Its really fascinating.


reasons why India has the least divorce rate

It is now confirmed that India has the most slow rate of divorce. If divorce occurs it is mostly in love marriages as compared to arranged marriages. In India marriage is considered to be one of the most cultural and sacred event. It is the next step of your life. In which two of the people are going to bond in one relation for years. Also, it emphasizes the values of loyalty. Furthermore honor, respect and commitment towards each other’s and their family. All the things here are related to bonding from your day of birth and till your death you are bonded with various relations one of them is marriage. Marriage can also be defined as the union between a man and a woman and their family members.

Weddings in India

Indian wedding either of any cast or religion takes more than a month for its preparation. It include the traditions followed in a particular religion and too several days of wedding. During all these events all the family members associated from both the families involve in all the rituals and traditions. After the marriage the best thing about India is that man and woman are considered to be life partners rather than just husband wife which emphasize the strong bond between them.

In India everyone is most conscious about its status in the society and it is one of the major reason for the least divorce rate. In India if a couple is divorced both the family members have to suffer from it. Whether it might be ignorance or separation.

The perfect reason for the least divorce rates in India is also “CHILDREN”. During the divorce one has to sacrifice  child to other. And that too leads to strong argument so many people just sacrifice their divorce just because of the immense love towards their child. It is only found in India.

Reasons why India has the least rate of divorce

These are the few reasons why India has the least rate of divorce:

Reasons why India has the least divorce rate


  • The Indian marriages are secured under the HINDU MARRIAGE ACT OF 1955. And SHARIA LAW of 1954 for Muslims.
  • A couple can only divorce after a spam of 1 year of their marriage. And that too only possible if the couple have been living separately for at least 6 months.
  • In India after filing for divorce, couple are given an extra 6 months. These 6 months are given for a second chance to try for living together and during that they might seek any marriage counselors.
  • In many cases couple withdrew their divorce application and resume their married life happily.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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