Blue Whale अपने मुँह में इतना पानी भर लेती है, जितना उसका पूरा वजन होता है

surprising facts about blue whale 
surprising facts about blue whale 


Blue whale arguably is the most fascinating creature on the earth. There are many surprising facts about blue whale. Their tongue is as heavy as an elephant and heart as big as a car. Possessing the most advanced communicating procedure through frequencies, pulses and groans, the blue whale is one of the most mysteries creatures as they cannot be heard by human ears! The breath-taking facts about this largest animal on earth are not less than Ali Baba’s secret den treasure. We can make a scroll of kilometres long for ‘do you know’ factors about the blue whale.

Henceforth tracing the pattern of the marine scientist, let me ask you a question from their never-ending aw researches about blue whale.

Surprising facts about blue whale

Do you know that blue whale engulfs water from ocean equals to its own weight? Now you are awed, don’t you?

surprising facts about blue whale 

But why they do this? Is there any purpose or they just do it for fun? Come on, let us know why It’s actually being done.


The largest animal of the earth is also the hungriest creature of the world. Ironically, the blue whale eats marine fishes which is supposedly the tiniest in the ocean. The big blue whale and tiny fish diet is not very ideal appetite, no? but nevertheless, the whale has to feed themselves and they don’t compromise with their favourite food. Therefore, to survive and to revive, they eat one big junk of Krill in a go. Talking about the precise amount, blue whale eats approx. forty million krill per day which equalised to 8000 pounds in weight.

Blue whale roams around in the ocean in order to find an area full of krill. Krill are tended to move in bunches this behaviour of shrimp sized fish only makes the work for blue whale easier. Arising in the area of prey, blue whale shrugs his lungs with the highest possible acceleration, opens their mouth in ninety degrees and engulfs around 110 tonnes of water.


The further step of the dinner follows by filter feeding process. According to biologist and marine researchers, blue whale has baleen plates and bristles. A tooth resembling net found on the comb of the whale. When blue whale pushes out the water from his head top opening the bristles works as a filter paper, that let the water flow out and keeps all the krill inside.

surprising facts about blue whale 

The blue whale has a tremendously beautiful lifestyle. Migrating near the equator in summers and the reverse in winter, they surely need a lot of calories to feed upon. I wish I’d eat as the blue whale in a turn so that I can eat the whole city’s pizza easily…okay no, some things can only be done by special species like our talented blue whale.



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