Sun didn’t set here for 76 days


Norway, Where Sun Shines For 76 Days Without A Break

Sun didn’t set here for 76 days. We are so much habitual of waking up when the sun rises and going to bed when the sun sets. But there are some places on Earth, which experience Sunlight for straight 24 hours without any interval. Norway is one of the European regions that experience the Sunlight for 24 hours non stop. This makes this European region unique and different from others.


sun didn't set here for 76 days

Owing to Norway’s high altitude, Norway experiences continuous sunlight for around 76 days non stop. The Sun never stops reflecting its light. It is due to the rotation of the earth that we normally face a day for 12 hours and then the night or dark for another 12 hours. Norway is situated at the high altitudes of northern Europe. Owing to its high altitude, Sun didn’t escape as the region of Norway didn’t reach the point of dark during Earths rotation.


This thing can’t be considered as a miracle because it has a scientific reason. The sky shows different colours during this period. This is all because of Norway’s location at high altitude which performs different nature’s things at this place by the reflection of light. This reflection of light in the sky makes this place beautiful for a reason.


The phenomenon when the sun never ends is known as “The Midnight Sun”. This phenomenon naturally occurs in the north of the Arctic and south of the Antarctic circle and Norway lies in the Arctic Circle. Norway usually experiences this natural phenomenon in the local summer months around in the mid of April to the end of August. This makes the temperature little constant here for a time, not so cold, not so hot.


sun didn't set here for 76 days

Norway lies in between the Arctic and Antarctic, properly known to be in Arctic Circle but shares some section of the Antarctic circle known as Queen Maud Land. Norway has Finland, Russia, Skagerrak and Denmark as its neighboring regions. King Harald is the current king of Norway. The country follows constitutional monarchy, having powers divided among states between the Parliament, the Cabinet and the Supreme Court.
Previously, Norway was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden but due to some political matters, regions divide and the new Kingdom of Norway was formed. Norway’s formal name is Kongeriket Norge. Norway’s national symbol is the lion.
So, visit the region of Europe, Land of Midnight Sun in the months when there is no night. Don’t forget to enjoy a peek of northern lights when visiting.
                                 -Yash Garg


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