The story of Bhuvan Bam

story of bhuvam bam

Bhuvan Bam is not just about ‘BB ki Vines’, he is more than that.

story of bhuvam bam

Everyone know him as a famous comedian youtuber and he also a role model when it comes to the ‘follow your passion’ thing. But before he was a Viner, a youtuber, before he was famous amongst the youth, he was a musician by heart.

Bam was always the entertainer of his class. He was never good in academics, in fact, that “he was worst in studies” these  are his own words in a talk show. Most people are sure of what they want to do in their lives  but he on the contrary, was sure of what he never wanted to do that is anything related to studies. He was a commerce student in school but chose a different field of History honors for graduation. Nevertheless, he used to sing in a restaurant when he was in his first year for nearly 2 years. The main purpose was to face exposure. He always wanted to learn music but due to hefty prices of the tuition fees everywhere, he turned to YouTube. There he learnt guitar and piano. He started writing his own compositions of songs and sang them to the tapping hands and feet of people at the restaurant.

Journey to BB ki Vines

His turning phase of life came in 2015, when many things were starting to ban in India like Nirbhaya documentary and Maggie. He made a song out of it, evidently a hilarious one. The video became viral within a week with over 4.5 lakh views and 30 thousand fans on Facebook. Unfortunately, a member of ‘shivsena’ called him and threatened him, luckily he escaped the scenario. There, he thought about making videos and named his channel randomly ‘BB ki vines’.  Within 8 months he got 8 lakh followers in Facebook and total 5 crore views on YouTube. From Doctor Sehgal to Sameer Foodie, all the characters are played by himself. His production cost was zero as he shoot with the front camera of his phone. He produced 75 videos in one year and all of them are hits.

The roller coaster ride with family

story of bhuvam bam

Bhuvan Bam says that his parents are super cool and both of them adore him. But like every youngster who wants to a little different, he faced some typical family situations to deal with. Every fame brings pros and cons with itself, his biggest con was that he couldn’t talk about it with his parents because of his out of the line content.

His mother watched his first video when she was in her office and also without headphones. Bhuvan also passed that phase. But what was coming next was unacceptable in any typical Indian middle class family. His very first brand endorsement was a contraceptive company. His father was reluctant when he came to know about it, he worried to for him take such advert at the start of his career. But Bam knew what he was doing and went on with it. He went on with his instincts and his passion.

-Priya Gupta



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