Stomach Pain in Children : Causes, Symptoms & Precaution

Stomach Pain in Children

Stomach Pain in Children

Abdominal pain or Stomach pain in children is one of the most concerned topics nowadays. Even these pains are the major reasons for the bringing of their child to medical attention. The pain can challenge both the doctor and the parents too. Fortunately, the stomach pain in small kids usually improves very quickly but not in all cases some may need immediate medical treatment.


 Causes of Stomach Pain in Children

 There may be various reasons for the stomach ache as it’s not just of one type. Some of them are listed below.


Bacteria or Viruses can cause severe pain in the stomach, which implies Stomach flu or also may be gas. Infections caused by the viruses can go away easily but infections caused by bacteria may need some sort of antibiotic too heel it.

Eating Habit-

Eating improper food may lead to diseases like food poisoning, food allergies or gas. Any of these three can cause an ache or a discomfort, which might be temporary.


Small kids are not fully aware of what to eat and what to not. This is a big concern for parents nowadays as they might intake something which may be poisonous like soap, magnet or coins. These products may cause poisoning in the stomach and not just these all, overdose of any medicine can also work as poison.

Stomach Pain in Children


A parent or a guardian must always be aware of their kids’ activities especially when it comes to health. They must be open-minded and be aware. Not all types of stomach pain have the same symptoms. So, it’s important to verify which it links to and which not. Most of the pains do not last long, which means if a child is suffering from gas, he/she might have a stomach ache for a shorter period until and unless the gas is not released. But if the pain exceeds 24 hours it should immediately be evaluated to a physician.

Most of the pains are located near the center of the belly. Pains felt in other areas may be more concerning. The child may rub his/her belly to detect the location of the pain.

If during the stomach ache the child looks ill or getting weakness it should immediately be treated by a doctor. If your child vomits then you may never stop it as it will easily help to get rid of the unwanted substances.


Stomach Pain in Children

The child suffering from the stomach cramp must take proper rest. Lying on the belly side may be comfortable for the child.

No solid foods should be given. The child must be on a liquid diet only.

Do not give warm milk to the infants as it may cause serious problems.

You should provide proper medical care and verified medicine likes ibuprofen or laxatives. But, you must visit a doctor before giving any medicine.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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