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Scheme for women

Stand up India Schemes are the very important step taken by government of India in the way of development of India. It facilitates bank loans between Rs. 10 lakhs and 1 crore for scheduled caste (sc) or scheduled Tribe (ST) or for women entrepreneurs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched this scheme on 5 April 2016 to support women entrepreneurship.


Goal of scheme

The main objective of this scheme is to provide loans to the scheduled caste or scheduled tribes or women entrepreneur.  So that they can fulfil their funds requirement in their undertakings or enterprises.

Eligibility for loan

Eligibility  require to avail the benefit of this scheme-

  1.  He/She should be adult.
  2. This loan is only available for greenfield, manufacturing, services or trading sector.
  3. If the person is non-individual enterprise, he/she should have 51% of shareholding and controlling stakes.
  4. Person should not be defaulter

About the Loan

It is a kind of composite loan. Wecan take it to fulfill fund required for fixed assets or purchase of various types of assets. It will cover approx 75% of the project cost. Rate of interest would be lowest applicable rate of the bank for that category not exceed (base rate (MCLR) +3%+ tenor premium).


This loan is secured by collateral security or guarantee of credit guarantee fund scheme for stand up India loans (CGFSIL) as decided by the banks.


The loan is repayable in 7 years with a maximum moratorium period of 18 months.


The portal is designed to obtain application forms, gather and provide information, enable registration ,provides link for hand holding , assists in tracking and monitoring.

Ready borrower

When borrower is ready to take loan he has to submitted some documents and have to fill an application. After it an application number is provided to each borrower which has the entire details about the borrower.

Margin Money

This scheme offers 25% margin money in convergence with eligible central /state schemes. The most important condition in the case of margin money is that borrower himself will contribute 10% of the project cost. A list of Central /state wise subsidy /incentive schemes will be provided on the portal. Further, it will add new schemes too.

Stand-up connect centers

  1. SIDBI – Small Industry Development Bank Of India
  2. NABARD- National Bank For Agriculture& Rural Development
  3. LDMs
  4. DLCC
  5. Borrowers

By-Bhawika Khushlani


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