Reasons Why Did Singapore Ban Chewing Gum?

why did singapore ban chewing gum

Why did Singapore ban chewing gum?

Why did Singapore ban chewing gum? It will seem funny actually very funny. But yes chewing gum is banned in the beautiful city of Indonesia.

The man behind the ‘central idea’:

why singapore baneed chewing

‘Lee Kuan Yew’, the name famous for turning out Singapore from a small port into a global trading hub, is also the man who is responsible for the neatness and tidiness of the nation-a person who banned chewing gums in the country!

A ban was introduced in 1992 for chewing gums in the nation. The ban remains one of the best-known features of a common man’s life in Singapore. Also, there are many other bans still prevailing in the country. Just in sake for the beauty of this heaven-seeming nation.

At the time of its independence in 1965, Singapore was a very small country with many-a-few resources. Lee, the country’s first prime minister took up various steps, to make and gain his nation a very important mark in the International scenario.

By the time, the prime minister, Lee banned the chewing gum, he was in-charge of the country for “31 years”. Also famous for his serious attitude, he was also known as the “serious minister” in the history of Singapore.

Addressing to the journalists:

According to an interview held with BBC in 2000, he addressed everyone that during some 30 years before they were called ‘the nanny state’. But now the clear results are in front of everyone. We are one of the nations with very neat surroundings and are looking forward to top the list!

Also in one of the interviews, he said, “Putting chewing gum in subway metro’s doors. So that their opening might get interrupted, I don’t think its creativity. It is foolishness according to me. If you tend to chew habits, go ahead try a banana”.

An interesting, as well as a shocking fact about Singapore, is that the country has a law since 2004. Pharmacists and dentists are the only one to allow to sell ‘therapeutic’ chewing gums and only to those patients who have a valid medical prescription.

Advise to the readers:

why did singapore ban chewing gum

This chewing gum eating isn’t the only ban in the country. Also ban such as jaywalking, spitting on roads, urinating anywhere outside, expelling mucus from the nose and many others are banned in Singapore. Be careful the time you visit this country or else you would be forced to pay a heavy fine costing you a many Singapore dollar.

By- Vaibhav Srivastava


  1. It’s not only a solution of this problem. If an individual who are eating chewing gum being aware to about it’s demerits and no one are there in the world who are strange about it while they are eaten it.It’s just general precautions such that don’t be stuck it , don’t be spit it on the road or maybe in the exposures. While in the Switzerland,there are so many precautions or securities to secure the every roads ,places and also some other public sites from garbage. And there are also a law which enforcement to being punished an individual who are going against the law. So being aware being well.

  2. I know that corresponding views may be arise. But please give the answer of my question i.e if a child goes for toilet and then comes from toilet without hand wash .After sometime he /she eating food .Now the question become arise here i.e the child has food poisoning and suffering from fever also. If the child being aware so the condition of food poisoning is not arise and the corresponding views become fails in front of the problem

  3. Ban is not only a solution of this problem. If an individual who are eating chewing gum knows general precautions about it such as don’t be stuck it, don’t be spit it in exposures. If an individual correspondence to the precautions or may be attempt a wrong way then it shows that the individual being as usual unawareness and the problem like now be arises.
    While in Switzerland, there are many commission, law’s, campaign, etc going on for keep the each and every public sites (roads,places,palaces,ports , every where and every sites) clean and being sanitary condition. The law enforces to punished an individual who are going against the rules or try to break the law. After that this types of problem be facing today that’s why I say, “Being aware being well “.
    I know that some corresponding views may arise against be awareness . So just l put up a single question from all of you and please being answered carefully and justified. If a child goes to toilet and then the child comes without washing their hands. After sometime the child eating food and thus suffering from fever with a disease of food poisoning. At now each and every corresponding views become fails ,no more else there to say yet, Being an individual happy when he/she will just became aware being.


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