क्यों सावन सबसे महत्वपूर्ण समय है शिव भक्तो के लिए?

importance of the holy month of shravan



In the midst of Beginning and End, there lied a competition to find out the Ends of Beginning and End. Never did they know that it didn’t Exist at all! Yes! Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu travelled in two opposite directions to find out the Beginning and End of Lord Shiva. No beginning and No end is what Shiva is.

Mythologies explain various forms of Lord Shiva. It narrates various stories of Lord Shiva in a physical form. These stories are nothing but Our Shrutis and Smritis.

Shiva never existed in his physical form with a trishul in his hands or with his long hairs wearing an animal skin, meditating on Himalayas. No. I would not say that it’s a myth, but it’s knowledge which has been misunderstood by a lot of people.


importance of the holy month of shravan

SHIVA = Sha + Ee + Va

Sha – Shareeram (Body)

Ee – Eshwara (Life-giving energy)

Va – Vayu (Motion)

Thus, Shiva is Body with life and motion. Now, If “EE” is removed from SHIVA, it becomes SHAVA which means Lifeless Body. So Anything with Shiva is with Life while anything without the same is Lifeless!


importance of the holy month of shravan

Lord Shiva is not the body that existed 1000s of years ago. This is all symbolic interpretation of THAT ONE principle which is the father of all other principles. Shiva is a Principle!

Blue Body: The Blue Body of Shiva represents Sky, The All-Pervading Infinity, Endless and Formless.

The Serpent: Serpent around his Neck is the symbol of Highest Awareness, Consciousness.

Mount Kailash: Kailash means Celebration, Lasa – Celebration. Kailash means where there is all Celebration, Joy.

Crescent Moon: Moon means Mind. To understand Shiva, Little bit of mind is required. So the Crescent moon is That little bit of mind.

Damru: Damru has the shape of Infinity which means Infinity Consciousness.

The Trident or Trishul: This represents the three aspects of Consciousness – Waking, Sleeping and Dreaming and also Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Shiva is beyond all these three aspects, beholder of these three aspects.

River Ganga: Ganga in sanskrit means knowledge. Knowledge comes from the head while Love comes from the heart. So Ganga flowing from the locks of Shiva simply means Knowledge flowing from Shiva.

Importance of the holy month of Shravan

importance of the holy month of shravan

Shravan means “to Listen”. When Shravan happens, automatically Manan “bringing shravan to our memory” happens and then the knowledge gets integrated in our lives as Wealth (Niddhidhyasa).

Shravan is the month of listening to the knowledge our ancient rishis left for us. Also, this month is considered very auspicious and has a ancient story behind. It is said that during this month Goddess Parvati did tapas to attain Shiva. Parvati (Shakti) is Energy, Power, Strength. Seed for dynamism, radiance, beauty equanimity, peace and nourishment. While Shiva is Calmness and Stillness. When dynamic expression is combined with stillness within, then there is creativity, positivity, and Sattva is generated.


Mantras are nothing but the sounds downloaded from space. Sounds that affect our Soul/Consciousness in positive manner. Mantras are Cosmic Sound Vibrations. In the Rudram chanting there is a verse which says, “Namo jyeshthaaya cha kanishthaya cha. Namo dhundhubhyaya cha hananyaya cha”. It means Salutations to that (Shiva Tattva) which is the greatest and the smallest; That which nurtures and That which destroys and dissolves everything – is also the Shiva Tattva. Shiva Tattva is both the unmanifest, and the manifest in all forms of Creation.

Rudram is the ancient chanting downloaded from Space or Sky by Our Rishis when they sat into meditation. Whatever they downloaded in the form of sounds and vibrations which they recorded in the form of text and started transferring it to people. The main thing are those vibrations you feel during the chants.


importance of the holy month of shravan

– Eat Sattvik Food as much as possible. Avoid Junk Food as much as Possible.

– Chant Om Namah Shivaya daily for 108 times.

– Meditate more.

– Attend or Organize Rudrapuja at your workplace/home.

– Listen to Rudram Chants as much as possible.

– Be with Positive Company of Friends.

– Read more Knowledge about Spirituality.

– Do some Fasting. At least once a week, Be on only Fruits and Water. This will help you detox your body and increase the energy levels. Fasting is done not to impress Lord Shiva but to slow down the activities of body for a while so that our mind becomes still and calm and ofcourse Disciplined.


Increases Sattva (positivity), Spiritual Progress, Fulfilment of Desires, Manifestation of all the positive intentions of your life, removes negative energy in the form of disease, depression, anxiety, stress, Increases Peace, wealth and prosperity, Removes all the planetary doshas.

Happy Shravan!


-Priya Tindwani


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