oyo relationship room


oyo relationship room

If you are living in India then you can relate how awkward it feels to walk or just hold hands in public as it is considered taboo. For this, Oyo has started Relationship mode. Because you can’t just even sit in a park with your lover for a few minutes. Everybody starts staring at you like you had done a crime. It’s really sad to say but ‘YOU CAN SHIT IN PUBLIC BUT YOU CAN’T KISS IN PUBLIC’. It is very disgusting when someone stares at you and your lover even if you are just holding hands in public. And if you are a girl then you can relate how bad it feels.

If you want to take your lover to make love in any place or hotel after-all adults do have some rights and you cannot just snatch from them. So if you are visiting a hotel, first of all, you need to provide an ID card which cannot be local. Secondly, there are many chances of a raid by the police and that can spoil your image and your family’s image too. It’s really very bad that the adults can’t even enjoy with their loved ones. Now the big question is how you can do all these in INDIA.


oyo relationship room

OYO has been a popular hotel booking portal which is widely spread across the country. Not only in INDIA but also a few more countries. It’s the best sit for cheap accommodations. OYO is the first ever company who brought ‘RELATIONSHIP MODE’ in the market. While booking for your hotel you can simply tap on to switch the relationship mode and then OYO will only show you that hotels which accept lovers with full protection and also local ID is accepted. They provide quality rooms for unmarried couples as it is safe. You can take your lover to any of the hotel listed under the RELATIONSHIP MODE and make love with just proving your local ID. You can just simply follow these steps and you can book a hotel for unmarried couples using the RELATIONSHIP MODE.



oyo relationship room

Unmarried couples can enjoy spending quality time with each other with the help of OYO. This feature was firstly not accepted and was brought down. But slowly the craze went on the top. This feature is used by a lot of adults as it seems safe to them. They can spend a pleasant time with their lovers without hesitation. No hotel owner will give you a starry look. If you book a hotel for an unmarried couple they would widely accept it.

OYO rooms for couples has received both positive and negative mixed opinions. From the side of adults it’s a really very good feature but for a few, it may be still a taboo. This feature is being rated 5 stars on Quora.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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