Reality Is an Illusion

Reality Is an Illusion

Reality Is an Illusion

As science is touching the sky, lots and lots of researches have been done by scientists on various fields. Some of them are so thrilled that we can’t even imagine. Various physicists are busy in finding new techniques and methods in our world. The term quantum physics plays a major role here. Now the question arises, What is quantum physics? Quantum physics is that branch of science that deals with the study of quantum theory.

Now another question arises, What is quantum? Quantum is a discrete quantity of energy which is directly proportional in the magnitude to the frequency of the radiation. Quantum physics plays a major role to the scientists and it is been 100 years since we are using quantum physics. 100 years ago scientists with the help of quantum theory assumed that the universe in which we are living is actually real. After this research scientists decided to prove that it was not just reality it was kind of an illusion.


Hadron Collider

Reality Is an Illusion

Various physicists invented the machine names “ Hadron Collider” that was built so as to make particles collide with each other. After various experiments and researches, they finally concluded that the physical world in which we are living is not just physical reality its just an illusion. We are not in a physical form, in fact, we are just bounded by some kind of energy.


Reality or Illusion (Energy)

Reality Is an Illusion

We all must have studied atoms which comprise of electrons, protons and neutrons. But as we study further, we have to conclude this theory wrong! Actually, the atom is not comprised of anything as it has no structural form or weight, even we can’t see or touch it. So, the atoms we have studied in our classes are all false teachings as they are just an illusion to us. In fact, if we do a research on it, we will find that we have been missing various things that just seemed to be real but is an illusion to us.


Copenhagen Interpretation

Reality Is an Illusion

To understand the theory of reality to illusion scientists study Copenhagen Interpretation. The Copenhagen Interpretation is just a chapter from quantum physics in the mechanical field, this study believes that everything we see is just an illusion until and unless we observe it or touch it. As we got to know that illusion is just an energy and the atoms are not comprised of anything. But, since we have also studied that everything that has mattered is made of the atom. Also, the human wants to see the figure of anything. It’s just in the hands of humans to observe the reality and ignore the illusion.



When two or more particles collide they make the other particles spin, this is called as entanglement. When two or more particles collide they create energy as they get stuck with one other and once they are struck they can never be separated.

Reality Is an Illusion

Any information we collect or see is just a combination which is present in the physical form and it is transmitted to our physical states from the abstract realm, this theory was more profound by a Greek Philosopher Plato.

Reality is never determined physically as according to the science we have not touched anything and we can never. The electrons which are there in the matter makes almost impossible to interact with the electrons which we a having, so it is nearly impossible to touch anything ( physical reality).

Everything in the universe is just made up of the particles and with just human will we are able to feel that we are touching it but in reality, it is just an illusion to us. As for the real, the universe is nothing but just a piece of information to us. Researchers have also found that the living cells are able to transmit information for communicating. Even if the cells are separated from each other they will still transmit information to one another. But if we see through our human will we would not be able to see the reality and only thinks as just an illusion.

 By- Siddharth Vikram


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