Top 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters

rakhi gifyt ideas

Raksha Bandhan is one of the favorite festivals among siblings. The festival of Rakhi and love. With this festival comes the most hard and confusing part “The Gift Decision”. Lately, a very interesting trend has been seen of gifting from both the sides of brother and sister. Many people actually can’t decide what to give. But we will not stay behind now with this gifting trend.

But how? I’ll show you how! I’ll help you to decide what to give and what to not for brothers and sisters.

Some useful tips for selecting Rakhi gift

rakhi gift ideas

  • Select the gift keeping in mind about their hobbies and interest.
  • The gift you give should be of good quality just like the feelings with which you are giving those gifts.
  • Don’t try to give too much expensive gift or show something. Love is necessary for gifting not the price tag.
  • If you know that there is something that your sibling has been wanting for a long time and has not been able to buy it for some reasons then surprise them by getting it for them.

Gift Ideas for Brothers

  1. If he is trend addicted

rakhi gift ideas

For brothers who love to remain always in fashion especially when it comes to gadgets then it would be perfect to gift them some nice goggles. Watch, perfume, belts or mobile case.

  1. If he is elder and serious kind

For brothers who are a little sober, they get happy with little lest of efforts and don’t prefer or understand much of an effort. So it would be nice to give them an exclusive shirt of his favourite colour and pattern. Designer pens and ties and cuff links can also be gifted instead along with this.

  1. If he is a little nerdy

For bhai who is in school or college and a book always remains attached to the front of his nose than you can give him an important book related to his studies or the exam he is preparing for or a nice Novel could do the work.

  1. If he is maaaaaaaarried!

rakhi gift ideas

For a brother who is now married I would be better to give him with some household item. I am not kidding! You can give him a nice painting or crockery item or anything which would decorate their house. Now-a-days it is not only the women who love to decorate their house but men also like to have beauty in their house.

  1. If he is a kiddo

For brother is a lot younger, they can only be satisfied with the latest game or gadget available in the market or the toy he has been crooning about for years.

Gift Ideas for Sisters

  1. If she likes a little sparkle

rakhi gift ideas

For sister who likes jewellery or diamonds or pearls you can give her an original accessories of gold or silver or you can also give her an artificial one. Artificial is in trend after all.

  1. Kiddo sister

If your sister is a little chunk then gift her another! That is gifting her a huggable soft toy. No matter how many she already has, she would always like to have new preferably a different one. If she already has a Giraffe then gift her an elephant.

  1. If she is married

Again for a married sibling, you can gift her any kind decorative household item like wall hanging or a table piece.

  1. If she is fashion conscious

For you high-figh fashion conscious sister give her likewise relatable thing like perfume, jeans, a trendy top or a jewellery box.

I hope now you know what to give and what to not. Nobody knows your sibling better than you so don’t forget to follow your instinct while choosing the gift!

 By­­- Priya Gupta


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