Puranas – Mythology or Reality?


India is very well known for her Ancient Knowledge of Scriptures. Her richness of scriptures is still decoded time after time. Our Scriptures are written in two forms Shrutis and Smritis.

Shruti means knowledge that can be heard. Smriti means knowledge that comes through Experience. Vedas are Shrutis while Puranas are Smritis. Ancient Puranas are written in the third person – Divine Stories which is in the form of verses.

Lord Brahma manisfested and BOOM!!! The creation of our existence started. Before that, everything was a dark matter which was a pure energy called “SHIVA”. Shiva is Knowledge. Endless and has no Beginning!

Before the creation manifested, all this knowledge was formless. Later, all our ancient rishijis and saints started giving it a form. That form was nothing but our Shrutis and Smritis.

PURANA – “Old”


Old works in the form of texts done by gods for the upliftment of mankind.

There are 18 Puranas with thousands of verses in it. Each one of them carries its uniqueness. For example, Matsya has 14,000 verses which narrates First of 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu. While, Garuda explains Death and its Aftermath. Agni recites Vastu and Germology. While Narada recites importance of Vedas and Vedangas. Shiva describes the greatness of Shiva. While Skanda recites the birth of Kartikeya (Shiva’s Son). Likewise the set of Puranas revolve around three energies – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

Ved Vyasa was the one who compiled it all very beautifully. A small story contains so many untold stories, which when understood can attain Enlightenment. These 18  puranas are equally classified into three categories: Sattva(Purity), Rajas(Passion), Tamas(Ignorance). There is a thin line between Mythology and Reality. Many people categorize ancient scriptures and puranas into Mythology. Whereas, these Ancient Scriptures are the basis of Reality that Existed even before the Existence! Hence Puranas can never be a mythology.

The Benefits of reading Puranas:

– You realise your true nature which is Sattva – Purity.

– You understand the unfolded secrets of existence and universe.

– Uplift your State of Mind.

– Inculcate Positive Values in You.

– Gives you Strength to face the struggles of your with full Zeal.

– Eliminates various types of Fears in you.

– Connects you to the divinity that resides within you.

Festivals and its importance

Not to mention in highlights “The Importance of Festivals in India”. Every festival is connected to one purana. Each festival is celebrated with reciting and/or listening to these puranas. For example, On Shivaratri, Shiva Purana is worshipped and recited.


Various events like birth and death are also connected to these Puranas. That is why, reciting Garuda Purana at the time of someone’s gives boon to that soul. It is believed that the soul rests in peace while it is being recited!

By- Priya Tindwani



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