PUMA: The Third Largest Sports Brand

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We all are familiar with the symbol of panther or mountain lion. It is Puma. We often see this symbol on our footwear, apparel, and accessories, sportswear and sports equipment. Even children also like this symbol on their school bag and other things of them. Hence we can predict the popularity of this brand by above statements.


jaago hindustan

Rudolf Dassler is the founder of PUMA. It is German multinational company which was founded in 1948.  It manufactures generally clothing and consumer goods. Also, it has been working as public company since 1986, listed at the Frankfurt stock Exchange. The headquarter of Puma located at Herzogenaurach, Germany.  It is the third largest Sportswear manufacturer in the world. There are 11,787 employees working in PUMA company.it distributes its products in more than 120 countries. For over 65 years, PUMA has established a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet.


PUMA manufactures products for Basketball, Football, Running, Training and Fitness, Golf, Motorsports and sport style.  In clothing PUMA offers Tracksuits, T-shirts, Jackets, sweatshirts,  T-shirts etc. Puma‘s shoes are also popular in all over the world.




Net Worth

The net worth of PUMA is $102, 771763. Some more information about its net worth is given underneath:

   Particular     AMOUNT
   Revenue       4.1 billion
   Operating income       244.6 million
   Net Income       135.8 million
   Total assets       2,853.8 million
   Total equity       1,656.7 million

Top Selling Products

Everyone likes PUMA products because of its unique symbol and best quality. The products have the quality of durability also which increases more its sale. These products are liked by both men and women and children as well as.

·Products of Men

For men PUMA offers clothing, soccer jerseys, sweatshirts, jackets, track belts, hats, backpacks, shoes etc. and the craze of these products are on the top. The reason of its increasing sale is that its shoes, clothing and accessories at markdown price to keep men’s style and wallet big.

·Products of women

For women it offers same products as for men in girls wear and also offers sandals, tops, t-shirts, flip flops and other women accessories other than these.

·Products for kids

For kids PUMA offers various types of bags belts, socks, clothing, shoes, hats, badminton, capris & pants.

Goal and mission of PUMA

Itis the third largest sports brand company but it is not enough for the company. They want to become the number one company in this field. For this, they are following this strategy:

  • Improving the brand heat for PUMA
  • Optimizing the distribution quality
  • Increasing the speed of their organization and business processes
  • Strengthening the focus on their women’s business.

By-Bhawika Khushlani






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