10 Stupid and Pointless Things Taught At School

10 stupid and pointless things taught at school

10 Stupid and Pointless Things Taught At School

Have you ever been to school? What did school give ave you? Friends? Knowledge? We all have been to school, it taught us about various aspects related to life, money, and several other topics. But have you ever wondered, what did history classes give you? What periodic table gave you?

10 stupid and pointless things taught at school

We all have flunked in our history classes. Chemistry periodic table has always been a reason for all of us to be punished. Ever used Sanskrit to talk with someone? So many other topics those seemed irrelevant during schooling as well as for now.

We all gain knowledge as we age. Our learning should be focused on the transformation of societies, empowering the values, attitudes, behavior of the individual, which may further contribute to improving the world to be a better place to live. Our education should not only be based on cumbersome need to have an A+ mark sheet. School is where we should be directed to improve our lives. However, we must admit that we learned a lot of useless things at school as well. For example, have any of you found any real use in your professional career for cursive writing? Probably not!

General knowledge for general use?

We all have appeared in GK exams, few of you might have problems crossing that too. But after school I never get to use my GENERAL knowledge in my professional growth.

Is calculus really worth?

Another topic can be calculus in math’s which is a very beautiful mathematical language with many applications and problems. Teachers made us solve tons of numerical with many formulas and proofs but very few people may be using it in their work as scientists or researchers. But not the majority working class.

We all have heard of a very famous saying, Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat once. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime. But do you agree on it now after school? With the current course, we all have been into is it getting any fruitful to us? Aren’t we taught a lot of wasteful stuff and are forced to give an excellent output for the sake of bright mark sheets. We all agree at some point of our life we have wondered what the heck I’m gonna do with this knowledge? Like,

Other stupid stuff:

Cursive books

cursive writing we all practice for so many years in initial years of schooling.

Sanskrit language

Sanskrit if you are an Indian you all must have faced the fear of learning and getting past to the exam.

Bio projects

Making of herbarium file, wondering collecting different shape and color of leaf just to pick it and dry it to paste it on another sheet of paper.. huhh? So much waste of natural resources, time and value.

Social science projects

Drawing the map of India even when we are provided with political maps all over the stationary shops.

Log table

The tedious use of log table to do already complexed equation, when we all have calculators availability.


Use of protractor, drawing a triangle using a compass when we can draw it by SIMPLE use of scale.


The logo commands we all memories to see the triangle dancing all over the screen..

And many more such pointless things we studied which seems of no relevance now in professional life! If you find this article familiar, hit like! or drop a comment if you have any such experience.

I have missed to mention.. good luck studying guys!!

~ Shivangi Singhal


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