Orphans are going to get reservation

jaago hindustan

Orphans are going to get reservation

 jaago hindustan

“State would have to assume the role of parent to the orphans”

For the first time in history of India, people are starting to raise voice for the Orphans, unnamed, uncared and the weakest. On the demands of PIL and the lawyer who is also the author of the book, “Weakest on the earth- The orphans of India’, Poulomi Pavini Shukla, the Supreme Court issued notice on Thursday to center and the state. The notice states about giving certain benefits to the orphans of India.

There are over 20 million orphaned children in the country addition to the 10 million street children which accounts for the population more than that of Sri Lanka. The PIL filled petition for the benefits of the same. The demands made in petition includes:-

  • Benefits similar to the children belonging to minorities, SCs, STs, OBCs and BPL categories.
  • Government should announce an orphans day on January.
  • A compulsory orphanage in every district of the country.
  • Other benefits including bank loans and incentives for business setting.

Ignorance towards the major issue

It is shocking to know that the government have never conducted any official survey for the orphans of India. Even backward countries like Myanmar, Ethiopia and Indonesia have also conducted the orphans survey in their countries. According to UNISCO, out of 150 million orphans in all over the world, 30 millions live in India alone, which is even more than it’s population contribution to the world.

jaago hindustan

Another shocking fact that shows up is that states like Jharkhand out of it’s 23 districts, 21 do not have an orphanage at all. If we at the aspect country level then we don’t have orphanage in whooping count of 117 district nationwide.

Some words of P. P. Shukla in PIL-

  • “We have asked for reservations in education and job sectors for the orphans. I think that pre-matrix and post-matrix scholarships, education loans, finance, and credits must also be extended to this weakest section,”


  • “Issue a direction to the government to have a policy for assigning religion to orphans and ensure that orphan children are given the right to choose their religion upon attaining majority and are not under duress of any kind to choose a specific religion,” the PIL stated.


  • “The government is not fulfilling its role as parens patriae for orphans by denying the right to equality and right to life enshrined in the Constitution,” Lucknow-resident Poulomi Pavini Shukla stated in her PIL
Orphans in India since time have been unlooked for, uncared for and were not considered of importance for government’s liability. On one hand we talk about the country’s future dependent and related to the minority. And on the other hand we are being Ignorant towards the major group of children in our country.

By – Priya Gupta


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