Hockey is “not” the National Game of India

national game of india

Whenever we hear the name HOCKEY, we feel the sensation of the patriot in our veins. Head held high and calling hockey as our national sport every time with pride is Indian’s first instinct. Our national game, our national pride!

How can anybody forget? That Indian hockey team was a monster in their primes. The gorgeous pre-independence era in hockey where India won 8 gold medals in sports Olympics by our unstoppable blue warriors. Who can forget our ‘magician’ Dhyan Chand? The greatest hockey player history of sports can ever witness or our golden period of 1928 to 1926? Where our hockey team wins all gold medals resting the whole world on their shoulders. Even now, that cricket is the most watchable game in the country. Still, the Indian find their pride upon a man holding in hockey stick in blue uniform running in a huge turf.

national game of india

But our pride that summons our sports on a hockey stick and ball shook like a tremor in the heart. When a 10-year-old girl, Aishwarya Parashar of Lucknow requested the ministry of youth affair and sports to reveal the documents of our national game through RTI.


On 25th of April 2012, A curious girl from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh named Aishwarya wrote an application to the PMO to reveal the documents of our national animal, song, sports, bird, flower, and symbol. Under RTI, her queries directly transferred to the ministry. The secretary of the ministry of youth affair and sports, respected Shiv Prasad Tomer wrote an answer to Aishwarya in Hindi.

The government hasn’t found any records declaring Hockey as the National Game of India. “I haven’t come across any order or notification in the ministry saying hockey is the national game,” responded to the query. “It’s known to be a national game in general parlance,” the secretary added.

That one came like a hugely destructive force on us, as we have read in our general knowledge books, wrote the same in the exam. The national flower, lotus. National animal, tiger and national sport, HOCKEY.

national game of india

Though the general conclusion that can be drawn out to recognize hockey as our national sport because of its tremendous success. In the era where India just get exposed to the sports, before and after independence. As well, the growth of the game was noticeably the best in the world under our magician captain Major Dhyanchand.

In the end, our childhood pride and honor turned out to be a myth. It was a shock yet Indian will always seek nationalism in hockey. After all, we pelted world on knees with our incomparable hockey skills. And prove the world our worth in early sporting years.



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