जापान के एक रेस्टोरेंट में बन्दर बना वेटर !!!

monkey waiters in japanese restaurant


Oh Really! This Japanese restaurant replaced human waiters with macaque monkeys!


Monkey waiters in japanese restaurant!!! Though, this sounds unorthodox. But it’s true that, “Kayabukiya Tavern” in Tokyo, Japan serves their customers through their monkey waiters. They are named “yat-chan” and “Fuku-chan”. These adorable monkeys are always dressed in the black and white check shirt.  They serve tissues, warm towel and beer bottles.

monkey waiters in japanese restaurant

People from all around the world visit this traditional Japanese sale house not mainly for food but for the unique and unbelievable service by the money waiters. The monkeys work for maximum two hours a day under the animal right regulation and they are certified employees of the restaurant.

An unforgettable experience

Visiting the Kayabukiya Tavern has always been an unforgettable experience for the customers. They are always delighted by the pleasing service of these little cute monkeys. Every individual who visits this restaurant ends up getting selfies or making videos with Yat-chan and Fuku-chan.

Now, you wonder how they get paid for this work. Well! They get bananas as salary and boiled beans as the tip. The sources said that sometimes they end up creating a mess. But for most time customers find the service contended, they treat the waiters with boiled beans as the tip. Further, they are more determined and overwhelmed than other human waiters. Customers are always impressed as yatchan and fuku-chan always understand their orders and they are always eager to serve them.

monkey waiters in japanese restaurant

The man behind the idea of monkey waiters in japanese restaurant

 This creative idea of employing monkeys as the waiters boasted the business of Kaoru Otsuka, who is the owner of Kayabukiya Tavern. This idea came to his mind when he once saw seventeen years old ‘Fuku-chan’ serving towel to the customers when asked to do so. People regularly visit Kayabukiya for the mouth-watering food and the adorable service by appealing monkeys. Furthermore, the pleasing service always makes them visit again with a winning smile.

‘They are my family and I love them like my kids’ said Otsuka, he unconditionally loves Fuku-chan and Yat-chan. His affection for these two is beyond the limits. He is training three new baby monkeys this year to make this new generation customer pleasing waiters more professional and cheerful. The future of this traditional Japanese restaurant seems bright enough.

monkey waiters in japanese restaurant

Though this is an illegal act been done. But still visit once and experience this unforgettable, unbelievable and unexpected experience. At last,  I bet you will die to visit the place again!

By- Vaibhav Shrivastav


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