Meditation – The New Fashion!

how to do meditation


Meditation is the new fashion of 21st Century.

“What do you just sitting by yourself?”

“How can it help me in my work/studies?”

“I am too busy right now. I don’t have time for all this?”

“Ummm, Meditation? No.. It’s Boring! Not my cup of tea!”

If you are so bored by yourself, Imagine how boring you’d be for everyone around? If you’re unable to enjoy your own company, how much interesting you can be for others? Just imagine you are sitting with a person next to you, who is the mirror copy of you. Same clothes, Same Eyes, Ears, Nose. Just a literal COPY of you. You are supposed to sit with that person for the rest of your life. What will be your reaction? (I can feel the storm of thoughts in your mind!). When you meditate, you explore your own unknown side of yourself more. You develop lot of unbelievable skills within you.

Kill Stress before it kills You.

Meditation can turn an average human body to the powerhouse of energy by tapping the inner source. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, it’s true. “As it’s almost impossible to reduce the workload and increase the time, the only option we are left is to increase the energy level within us. When we have enough energy and enthusiasm, we are able to handle any challenge,” Says Sri Sri (Spiritual Leader and Peace Ambassador).

The Brainee Thing about Meditation

Did you know your hippocampus keeps shrinking as you develop negative emotions (like Jealously, Greed, Anger, Lust, Hatred) ? Hippocampus is the part of brain which is situated within the brain’s medial temporal lobe. It is responsible for regulating emotions. This shrinkage in turn develops various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Depression. Depression is nothing but the decrease in Grey Matter of the Human Brain. If you Meditate daily, it increases blood circulation in brain and increases the grey matter. Hence, it enhance the activities of brain are !!! (Your IQ increases!)


Before Meditation and After Meditation

Better Focus, Less Anxiety, Happy Smiles, More Compassion, Increases Creativity, Enhances Concentration, ability to deal with negative emotions increases, Increases Clarity in mind, Better decision making skills, peace of mind, Focus and Relaxed at the same time, develops Intuition, Harmony in body and mind, Emotional steadiness, regulates the blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attacks/anxiety attacks/acidity attacks, Decreases frequent headaches, Reduces Migraine, Lightness in mood and behaviour, Increases energy levels, Improves Immune System And What Not!?

The benefits are innumerable but the effort required is just 20 minutes a day!

Don’t you feel it’s a great business deal between your head and heart?


Popular Meditation Mobile Apps

One of the best mobile applications that I have gone through is “Sattva“. This app not only provides you a series of so many easy and well guided meditation, but also tracks your physical and mental health. It motivates you through your collected Sattva Points throughout the meditation. A free of cost app with so many great features. Download to begin your journey!

By- Priya Tindwani



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