The journey of being bankrupted to most earning movies in the world


This is Avengers infinity wars and our superheroes have smashed all the box office for an opening weekend, collecting almost 260 million dollars. The Goosebumps giving marvel cinematic universe are a visible example of what mere comic book ideas can do to the world.

People’s own Marvel

Let’s just accept the fact, that we have grown up dreaming about Superman. We were fascinated by Bat man’s car and girls always wanted the superpower like Supergirl. But the maturity brings a different prospect about superheroes and choices deflected towards Marvel movies. The brilliance of Marvel Cinematic Universe has made the audience relate with the ups and downs of the character. Marvel movies are not just another superhero movie, they are desperation of present, opium for the audience.

A common truth that makes Marvel movies unique is,

In DC, Characters are superheroes who try to be a civil person, an ordinary man living
in the society like anybody else whereas In Marvel, the main characters are just another
normal people try to be superheroes.



Marvel went bankrupt in 1996 and they started selling goodies and stuff like in a
price of roadside stalls.

This is the reason why Marvel Studios still don’t have rights to X-Men, Wolverine,
Fantastic Four or Spider-man. Marvel and Sony had to strike a deal to have the wall-crawler
included in the Avengers. Marvels could re-acquire movies rights to all their characters, but MCU seems to do fine as it is.

In the 1990s, went through such a tremendous reorganization that it had made his space
at Harvard Business School Case Study. It needs to be mention that Ronald Perelman was the expansion mind of this masterstroke.

The first movie they made was average. The Punisher from 1989, Captain America
from 1990 and Fantastic Four from 1994. Are all the failed early attempts of making

The slight difference made by Iron Man in 2008, though it wasn’t major. That’s only
2003 when wonder happened.

An ultimate talent named David Maisel got Marvel and he saw the lows that movies had been adopted. He suggested that the comic world and the public, want to be immersed in a CINEMATIC UNIVERSE.


Marvel has started using every movie as a launch pad and marketing material for
subsequent movies was a brilliant content strategy. This draws up to 2012 Avengers
was precipitated by 5 other movies.

The merchandising gets a hike as they often sold in sets. Lego, monopoly and other comic book branded toys.

Even if one never had read any comic before and watched the movies, he/s still can draw the parallel line between the conceptual brilliance of comic book through the respective movies.

Presently Marvel movies are excelling the market and a way ahead from their rivals. And currently, they are heading the best marketing strategies as compared to any media house in the world.

The Guardian mentioned,
DC’s arch-rivals Marvel continue to pull off the trick of making each new superhero movie feel like a breath of fresh air. Each new DC movie, by contrast, feels like a suffocating cloud of gloom. And each failure heaps even more expectations upon the other movie house.

Well let’s see how much high still Marvel Studio has to go until then we shall wait for
upcoming Marvel movies.

Count the days!!!!!

By- Shivani Tyagi


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