digital marketing

Digital Marketing is a high-level marketing. It refers to advertising delivered through various digital channels such as search engines, mobile apps, websites, e-mails and social media.
Digital marketing includes not only digital advertisements but it also covers a wide range of marketing activities like online marketing, web marketing, internet marketing, local online
marketing and many more.

Digital advertisements/Internet marketing…

Internet marketing


Digital advertising refers to internet advertising or internet marketing. When businesses grip internet technologies to deliver ascent advertisements to consumers, then it is referred to as digital or internet marketing. Digital advertising includes many ascent banners adds on mobiles, search engines, websites, affiliated programs and various promotional advertisements and messages delivered through emails and social media websites.

Online marketing…..

online marketing

It is a way to promote the goods and services via the use of internet, methodologies and strategies. Due to the extra channels and marketing mechanism available on the internet, marketing becomes easier than the traditional marketing business.

Benefits of online marketing:-

 Better consumer services
 Reduced expenses
 Potential growth

What is Web marketing?

digital marketingWeb marketing refers to marketing your business through the use of the Internet. It includes uses of social media, blogging, emails and search engines. Around a decade traditional marketing like newspapers, direct mail, through radio, television, was in trend but nowadays it is an old-fashioned way of marketing. Moreover, promoting a business takes effort.

Benefits of Web Marketing:-

Web marketing gives you unique benefits in your business which other advertising and ascents don’t provide.
 Engage more audience.
 Cost-effective.
 Builds relationships.
 Easy to adapt and edit.                                                                                               Measurable.
 Reach a large number of buyers.

Different types of web marketing

Different type of digital marketing

Using the internet, marketing builds deep connections with the buyers and to connect and engage with buyers is a smart move. Here’s a brief overview on various type of web marketing.

 E-mail marketing

It is highly targeted and inexpensive type of marketing. Creating emails about your product and then send it to customers, is a widely used web marketing process.

 Social media Marketing

This is also an inexpensive and simple way of marketing involves many users.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It drives more traffic to your websites and it also helps you to get your content ranked higher. Furthermore, it also increases the chances of capturing more sales.
Digital marketing is so referred to as the online marketing, internet marketing, web marketing, advertising.

Local online marketing…

Local online marketing…

It provides huge advantages to the small businesses.

 Claim your spot on google places for business.
 Focus on social media.
 Get your business rated.                                                                                             Get your business listed in directories.

By ~  Anjali Chauhan


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