Android Pie: The latest generation of Android OS

latest generation of Android OS

And the wait is finally over!

Yes, it’s true! The latest generation of Android OS and as expected the most efficient Android has been launched.  Android Pie, formerly known as the Android P has been launched on 6th August 2018. Being the 16th version of the Android OS, it was first announced by Google on 7th March 2018. Google enrolled it out in the market and first made it available for its Pixel series only.

The latest generation of Android OS

latest generation of Android OS

As seen many times, Google always names its Android versions based on sugary items! Previously it was Oreo, prior to Oreo was Nougat, preceded by Marshmallow and Lollipop.

As we all know and clearly it is no doubt to say that the Android is the most dominating operating system on our planet, with 10 out of the 9 smartphones comprising of the Android OS. As the future results are clear, the Google’s Android Pie will be a massive hit as the previous androids were!

What’s so big?

Basically, as addressed, the Android Pie focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements to make the compatible phones faster and by consuming less battery. A massive update in the Android Pie is that it will also support the notches type of screen- the ones which came into immediate trend after the iPhone X. Therefore, Google has made it easier for apps to work smoothly, properly and efficiently even on the notches screens.

A relief from battery issues!

latest generation of Android OS

The Android Pie also adds up a battery setting called adaptive battery that will definitely make the smartphones work more smartly, more efficiently while consuming less battery. This setting will prioritize the apps recently used and will make them use the lesser amount of battery.

A big news for the phone-addicts:-

As according to a survey held in November, people check their phones on an average of 47 times a day. Well for the smartphone addicts, the Google Pie has got various tools that will help you use your smartphone less often. A dashboard is set up which will provide you the time for how much longer you’ve been using your phone and statistics for the time you’ve spent using an app.

A big challenge?

latest generation of Android OS

Consisting of various hi-tech and advanced tools, Google has a big challenge in front of it: Whether the people be able to use the Android Pie and its tools conveniently? As according to sources, last month only 12.1% of the Android users are using the latest version of the OS. In contrast to it, Apple has successfully got 81% of its users using the latest version of its OS, the iOS 11.

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By – Vaibhav Shrivastav


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