“When women take power in their hands” – Mrs. Subhasini Mistry

lady majhi- mrs. subhasini mistry

LADY MAJHI- Mrs. Subhasini Mistry


Gone are those days when widows were considered helpless. Here comes the example of lady MAJHI– Mrs. Subhasini Mistry from Kolkata who proved that she alone can build milestones alone for future generation.

Her story!

We all must have heard of one MAN army, but she stands as an example of one WOMAN army. At only 23 years of age, her husband passed away, just because of the lack of medical services in her village at genuine rates needed at the time of his sickness. But it did not stop her from living, instead, with more determination, she took an oath that nobody after her should lose their loved ones because of the same reason.

After he passed away just like any other wife she did not keep on weeping on the loss. She decided to build a hospital in her village to save other lives. And she started saving penny by penny for the fund to build a hospital.

lady majhi- mrs. subhasini mistry

She started as a vegetable vendor. And send her only family member, her own four kids, and her reason to live to the orphanage so she can save more from her income. Later she started working as housemaids and manual labourer as well. For 20 years she saved her needed money for the hospital. In 1996 she build and bring charitable hospital working for the poor, so they do not have to face what she had to. She started two-story building with only dozens of doctors and 25 beds with basic surgeries.

Looking forward

Our government never miss a chance to appreciate people who are an actual inspiration to people. Maybe it’s after so many years but the government recognize it and rewarded Mrs Subhasini with ‘Padma Shree’ in the field of social work. She now is running two hospitals, one at her own village, Hanskhali and other at Sunderbans.

lady majhi- mrs. subhasini mistry

We may not feel but definitely can imagine the pain she has to go through after the loss of her husband and no money when she decided to give away her only four kids to the orphanage so she could save more and maximum out of her living.

Now one of her own sons is working in the hospital, also she has asked the government to fund the hospitals so she with her son Ajay could run the hospital more conveniently. We hope and stand with her that she will be supported by our government too. The lady who gives away her whole life for the poor upbringing will remain an encouragement for the people who are determined for social welfare.

-Shivangi Sighal


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