After the Supreme order, Kejriwal orders to bring in the projects of the government:


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The Supreme Court’s verdict overturned the judgment given by the Delhi High Court. In which the Deputy Governor of Delhi was declared the head of the administration of Delhi. After the Supreme Court’s verdict: The Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi does not want to waste any time. In the same episode, the government has told the officials that they work fast on the policies of the government.

These policies also include a raster’s doorstep distribution system. After the verdict on Wednesday afternoon, CM Arvind Kejriwal targeted the Center’s Narendra Modi government and alleged that if the government’s powers were not sidelined through ‘illegal orders’ then 3 important years could be saved. Why the dispute will not end?

Supreme Court’s decision

Even though the court has termed Kejriwal’s government as the highest authority, it has said that the real power of the state is with the cabinet, but the court has also made it clear that it is not possible for Delhi to get full statehood. Along with this, the Supreme Court has not given any clear decision on the transfer of the main issue of the dispute between the two and the separate hearing has been done. On the one hand, the court has ruled the government supreme, on the other hand, while appointing the Lieutenant Governor as the real administrator of Delhi, it has been instructed that it is still mandatory to show him to LG before and after making any law.

jaago hindustan

The Court has clearly said that land, law and order and police will remain under the center. The court has given explicit instructions to LG that coordination of powers in Delhi is of utmost importance and it can not be centered on one place. The court said on one side that states also got freedom in federal structures, so LG’s permission is not necessary in every case. On the other side also said that the issue of cabinet-LG in the matter is referred to the President as before. The Supreme Court said that the law of Parliament will be supreme


Will court advice be implemented? In this judgment many things have been said by the court just like the advice that this should be done, most of these have been said keeping in mind the ideal situation. Explaining the government of Kejriwal, the court has said that the government should be accountable and available to the public. Delhi is a Union Territory and cannot be given exclusive rights to the State Government. For the Governor, the court said that LG should work with the advice and consent of the elected government and not interfere in the work.

Apart from this, LG should work together with the government and not allow the situation of chaos to be created. It was said in the verdict that the relations between the Center and the state should be cordial so that the constitution can be properly obeyed. The question remains still how much LG and Kejriwal’s government will implement this advice of the court.

Which issues can continue to organize?

jaago hindustan

The biggest question still is that the court has said that LG will have to seek cabinet advice. However, if LG does not agree with the advice then the file will be extended to the President. The President takes any decision only on the advice of the Ministry of Home Affairs. If such a decision goes against Kejriwal’s government, will he accept them? The allegation of Kejriwal’s government is that LG is not allowing them to work.

Manish Sisodia is still saying that we want to bring the police, land, public order under the Delhi government, so we will continue our agitation. In such a situation, the conflict between the government and LG could be seen. Because if the Government of Delhi needs the land for any building, school, hospital or any other construction on any land. Then they will have to go to LG only. The third issue is that due to the Union Territory and the capital. There are many officers of the Center in addition to the state in Delhi.

There is a debate between the center and the state regarding their transfer-posting. After the Supreme Court’s decision, the Delhi government has given freedom to decide on its officials. But the other officials have not been exempted. Among them, the biggest fight on ACB is that the ACB is still under the Delhi Police.


Barkal may start from Thursday After the Supreme Court’s decision, CM Arvind Kejriwal has increased his activism.

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal has convened a meeting of the Cabinet at the Secretariat on Wednesday evening. It is being told that in the next 24 hours, the Kejriwal government can make big changes in the bureaucracy. You were accused that the government was facing problems in the operation of several newly constructed Mohalla Clinic. Due to the absence of the service department government.

Apart from this, many other schemes were also hanged due to this. What is the response from the side of the Kejriwal government on this move, it is again everyone’s eyes.

By – Ritika Gupta


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