Jio launches a facility in market – THE JIOGIGAFIBER

jio giga fiber


After creating a massive revolution in the internet services in India, Mukesh Ambani creates another storm in the market in the name of a new facility called “THE JIOGIGAFIBER”. The JioGigaFiber, a fixed line fiber-based broadband services, will be rolled out across the nation’s 1100 cities by 15th August. The central idea to launch it is “revolutionizing and transforming India into a new digital phase”.

jio giga fiber

The chairman of the Reliance Industries Ltd, Mr. Mukesh Ambani in the conference said, “We will now extend fiber connectivity to homes, merchants, small and medium enterprises and large enterprises simultaneously across 1100 cities of India to provide the most advanced fiber-based broadband service”.

The days are gone of mbps. It is time for gbps

The Reliance Jio has become a brand ever since it was launched in India. Not only introducing 4G services in the country but also making the 4G prices cheaper then the 3G ones. With the launch of the Giga Fiber, Mukesh Ambani has promised to give the best service. He also has promised to offer an ultra-fast internet speed connection up to 1 Gbps for various facilities. Such as 4K and HD content, voice controller etc.



For enjoying the services you must have a GigaRouter and GigaTV set-up box, the chairman said in the company’s AGM. Also he informed that the broadband service will be of three levels of users comprising home, small businesses and large enterprises.

Jio’s GigaFiber

jio giga fiber

He discussed his dream of taking India in the top 5 in broadband connectivity. Both for mobility and fiber based broadband services. Also he added to his statement that he and his team will continue to deliver the most effective and advanced technologies to their users in the decades to come.

However the company is conducting beta trials of JioGigaFiber in around 1000 homes in the country since 2016, as the sources say. But from August 15, the services would be rolled out. And the users will be able to start their registrations through MyJio app and also through

Jio’s GigaFiber is expected to bring about a massive change in the country’s as well as in the world’s high-speed internet era. It is also expected to be the biggest fixed line broadband connection in the world.
The company will establish the connections in the parts of the country where maximum registrations would be done.

So as soon as the registrations start, book a connection for you and switch to the high speed internet facility.

By – Vaibhav Srivastava


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