Journey of Apple iOS

evolution of iphone

Evolution of Apple iOS


Isn’t this Apple looks like the fruit that we eat in our breakfast.

Yes it looks alike, but this can’t be eaten by you know it why?

Because it is the logo of World’s Largest Smartphone Company “THE APPLE”.

Apple deals in Ipad, Smartphones, PC’s, Laptops, Digital Watches and many more things on digital platform. Do you know the annual turnover of Company Apple?

I think we can’t imagine it!!

Is it in millions?

Or in billions?

Or in trillions?

I think it’s even not imaginary!

Ok let’s take a look from where this all has started. Who started it? When did he/she start it? Let’s not waste our time in thinking about this … Have a look on World’s Largest gadget company Apple.

It was January 9, 2007, when a big name came out in San Francisco to announce the arrival of the iPhone and that name was “STEVE JOBS”. iPhone went on sale on 29 June of the same year. That means it was exactly around 11 years ago back when iPhone entered into world’s digital market for sale! Did iPhone get popular in just few years or there was a tough way?

Let’s know this by looking at Steve Jobs history “The Man Behind Apple”.

evolution of iphone

Steve Jobs was a 21- year old college dropout. He lives in Los Altos with his parents. He has two friends Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Steve Jobs has a garage behind his house. With his two friends he spend his time mostly there. What did he do there? He practiced for his band for his trio. Or he was having anything else in his mind?

Yes, it’s something else. Jobs and Wayne both had worked together at Atari, a gaming company. While his another friend was working for Hewlett-Packard. The three men with their brilliant mind made Apple computer.

But after some time around after three months ago one of the friend of Steve sold his shares. Now guess what might be the amount his friend has received?

Did he sold them for millions or billions or for trillions ? No, my friend he sold them just for $800!! This is what a shocking news that how this amount can be so small! Well even I’m searching for answer of this question.

The way was not smooth at all. Steve knows that struggle will give him success one day but the big question is when?

It’s on 29 June 2007 when the very first iPhone was launched. The first version of iPhone OS was so bounded that it didn’t even have app store or any other way to have any application.

Now can you imagine without an App Store how a mobile can perform application task at that time?

evolution of iphone

Features and Specification

The main OS provided some applications like Phone dialar, Messaging, Client, Camera and few more apps which are basic apps . Even the first iPhone does not have many apps but the first iPhone was the most important gadget of all the time. But after sometime iOS 2 was introduced and brings a major feature of the App store with the support of other application. Now that was the time when the businesses could create the application and then has reached millions from CREATIVE iOS APP DEVELOPERS.

After that iOs 3 was released and finally got the demanded feature cut, copy and paste since it was highly demanded by people as other mobile operating system had it for years. Apple also improved its GPS accuracy. With this an updated version entered into digital market named as OS 3.2 which allowed the user to change home screen backgrounds as well as the support of landscape mode.

iPhone’s Different Models ..!

New year came and with new version of iPhone a new name came out. With the changing technology Apple changed the name of its mobile operating system from iPhone OS to iOS. This new name gave IT department the ability and helped the department to manage iPhone wirelessly over the Air. iOS 4 also gave video chatting capability and that’s where iPhone started nailing the World’s Digital Gadget Market. Around two hundred new features were introduced with coming up of iOS 5. The camera app got edit feature. Apple bought new features like Twitter for sharing, one of its key feature “Siri”. Then with the changing date, month and year Apple continued to pass their new iOS version with brilliant updated features and Apple iPhone has come to iOS 11.

evolution of iphone

This is the latest currently running iOS in the World’s Gadget Market. It has been introduced by the company on June 5 2017. This is the next – generation version of iOS. As Apple CEO Tim Cook said that “The update takes the best and most advanced operating system turns up to 11. Isn’t this iPhone looks like so pretty that we can grab it from its picture itself! But it’s not possible – either you can buy it and then you can enjoy it’s amazing features like it’s Subtle design change, supports HDR, has wide color, it has 3D Touch, and display to match ambient lighting. So are you interested in buying this Smartest and Coolest Smartphone! If yes, then visit it online and buy this smartphone. Hope that we will be seeing new version of iPhone soon. Till then I’m shutting down my shop of knowledge, goodbye & takecare.

                                   By – Yash Garg


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