The universe is not made up of atoms, but of tiny stories.


Facts About Universe

The universe alone itself is a very vast term to describe its contents. It is believed that the universe is limitless and has no boundary. All the galaxies, planets, stars and suns lie within it. It is not possible and maybe never for any human to explore the universe. There are many facts about our solar system and universe too that might seems exciting for the kids as well as adults too. A few interesting facts about the universe are described below.interesting facts about the universe

Interesting Facts About the Universe

  • There is a planet named exoplanet which is around 33 light years away from us and its completely covered with burning rice.
  • Astronauts who travelled in space confessed that the smell of the space resembles like a hot metal or a seared streak.
  • There is one cloud in our universe which is more than 10000 light years away from us, the most interesting fact about this cloud is it contains about 463000000000 kms of alcohol that would fill up 400 trillion trillion bottles of beer.
  • The Earth could collapse by itself when the earth is compressed down to the size of a marble. This would lead to the conversion of black hole.
  • There is a theory by the scientists that almost more than 300 millions stars are born everyday.interesting facts about the universe
  • The largest ever mountain discovered by the human is in mars ( Olympus Mons ) which is supposed to be 3 times the height of Mt. Everest its base is also 550 kms.
  • There is a very conspiracy theory that if you enter a black hole you would see your own head and the universe would be seem to be a small patch of a cloth.
  • It is also believed that the smell of the center of our universe smells like rum (alcohol) and also the taste of it is just like the raspberries. Though it is just a scientific theory.interesting facts about the universe
  • The rotation of our planet Earth is being fixed and only some most powerful force could make it change. The speed and the path are fixed. But the earthquake in Japan in 2011 shortened the Earth’s day by 1.8 microseconds.
  • The first person to look up space through the telescope was Galileo.
  • Light might be visible to us in the space but its nearly impossible for the sound to travel in the space. It means you cannot talk in space.
  • The whole universe is not completely visible to us more than 75% of our universe is in the form of dark matter and dark energy and according to the scientists and the astronomers it is impossible to measure or look up.

By- Siddharth Vikram


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