Do You Know India’s First Satellite Was Transported on Bullock??

india's first satellite

India’s First Satellite on Bullocks


Since independence in 1947 India has started stabilizing its economy and when it comes to technology it was far better than the rest of the world. India has given birth to many famous scientists which were renowned all over the world. Aryabhatta was one of them. With his sharp mind and excellence in astronomy, he was the most famous scientist all over the world. He was praised for his work thoroughly. He was the person who invented ‘0’ (zero) this was the greatest achievement of his lifetime.


Aryabhatta- India’s First Satellite

india's first satellite


On 19th April 1975 ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization launched its first satellite into space. It was launched by Russia from Kapustin Yar which was a rocket launch site. The satellite was a major success for the Indians as till then many countries have been trying to do so but failing every time but India did it with the help of Russia. The country went with immense joy and proud. The satellite was about 360 kgs in weight.  It is also believed that before its final launch it was a power failure in that area and due to this the launch was delayed for about 4 days.

The Reserve bank of India paid its tribute by printing the satellite’s image on the reverse side of the India 2 rupee and 1rupee bank note between the years 1976-1977.  The cost of the project was estimated to be more than 3 crores that time and it was much more than the usual.


India’s Satellite on a Bullock?

Another massive event took place in 1981 when India launched its first geostationary satellite in the space. It was named as APPLE- Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment. This satellite was launched by Ariane which was a launch vehicle of the European Space Agency. It was India’s first ever made geostationary satellite with 3 axis stabilized. This satellite was designed at ISRO in Bangalore with very hard efforts. After being tested by India at the ISRO it was sent to France for the final launch. The satellite was used for radio and television broadcasting. After its launch it was really a proud and honor moment for India and for that The Indian Postal Services also issued a stamp for its anniversary.

The fact this satellite is famous for is that this was brought by bullocks to the ISRO launch pad. As till that time no large vehicle was made to carry such objects so the people don’t have much choice but only bullock cart for this. Besides being carried by bullocks everybody was amazed to hear this as India was the first country to do so.


By- Siddharth Vikram


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