India is the Largest Producer of Movies of the World


India- The largest Producer of Movies

India is the largest producer of movies. Entertainment has been one of the most famous categories everyone enjoys as it’s one of the most enjoyable pass time of all ages. And when it comes to entertainment movies are considered to be one of the most acceptable pass time. Movies are watched by all people from all age groups. While watching a movie each and every viewer of the movie adapts itself to the movie accordingly it seems to the viewer that if he is the only one who is been shown and people really go deep into it. We should be proud that our country India is the world’s largest producer of the movies. Bollywood is one of the most famous film industry all around the world and it’s been since a long time. All the famous Indian actors are praised by people all around the world.

India – The richest in film industry

largest producer of movies

While looking in the data it is considered that in 2016 India got 2 billion dollars just form movies. Films produced in India consist of both Hindi and English language which ensures that it can be exported to other countries as well. Being the most number of movie producers in the world India has not much of the screens as compared to the other big countries. It has a ratio of 1: 90000 which means 1 screen for every 90000 people.


History of Bollywood

Bollywood got its name from the combination of Bombay (now Mumbai) and Hollywood. In 1896 cinema was first introduced in India by the help of Lumiere brothers and then after Mumbai became the center for the Bollywood movies. The father of India Cinema is Dadasaheb Phalke as he was the first to ever make the Bollywood’s first ever movie. After his all hard work it became a common and most famous entertainment source and by 1930 almost 200 movies per year were made in India.


First Bollywood Movie

The first movie ever directed with sound in India was ‘Alam Ara’ which was released in 1931. It was a huge success as it was the first time ever any Indian was watching a movie with sound as earlier only through pictures and movies along with the narrator the movie was shown. But the problem was that the movies were in black and white and didn’t seems to be more attractive but soon in 1937 ‘Kisan Kanya’ became the first colored movie to be released.

largest producer of movies

The Indian cinemas never disappoint its public whether overseas or within the borders. There are a lot of movies listed which got blockbuster not only in India but all over the world. Some of the most famous movies that were a blockbuster all over the world are – Bahubali, PK and Dangal.

-By- Siddharth Vikram


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