Today’s History 07/07/2018 : The dawn of the Indian Cinema

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The dawn of the Indian Cinema

Many of us are unaware of this fact that today, i.e. 7th July, our Indian cinema was born. Yes, this is true! It all started back in the 19 century when in 1896, on this very day. The Lumiere Brothers displayed six films at the Watson Hotel in Mumbai(earlier Bombay). This event marked the birth of the great Indian cinema.

The first cinema:

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The Lumiere Brothers were expert French Cinematographers who arrived in our country after getting huge success in their cinematography in the whole of Paris. The first screening took place today, 122 years ago. The ticket of the movie was available at a price of Re. 1 and the most powerful press at that time, The Times of India, mentioned it as a “miracle of the country”. The show received a very positive and an overwhelming response. And after then motion pictures were soon introduced in our country, India, more specifically in Calcutta(present Kolkata) and Madras(present Chennai).


The six movies that were screened on this historical day were. – Entry of Cinematographe, The Sea Bath, Arrival of a Train, A Demolition, Ladies and Soldiers on Wheels and Leaving the Factory. While the screening of the second movie took place on July 14th,1896 at a different venue, the Novelty Theatre, Bombay. This time 24 films were screened which included A Stormy Sea and The Thames at Waterloo Bridge.

The movie trend:

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After the first film screening in Mumbai by the Lumiere brothers, the movies became a crazy trend in India and in that very year, Professor Stevenson staged an excellent show at Calcutta’s (present Kolkata) Star Theatre. Using the mighty Stevenson’s camera, Hiralal Sen, an Indian photographer, also made a motion picture of scenes from that show, called The Flowers of Persia (1898).

It was also accepted with a huge crowd support, with a joyous sense in the crowd. The first film ever to be shot by an Indian was called the The Wrestlers. Made in 1899 by H.S Bhatavdekar which was a view based movie on a wrestling match in Mumbai’s Hanging Gradens. This was also India’s first documentary film. The first film released in India was Sree Pundalik, a silent Marathi movie by Dadasaheb Torne on May 18th 1912.

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India’s first full length film was made by Dadasaheb Phalke (also known as the father of Indian cinema). Who blended various elements together from Sanskrit epics to make his first film Raja Harishchandra in 1913. Which was a silent film in Marathi. The significance of the movie was firstly, it was the first full length movie of India and the roles of females were played by men.

In addition to the information, India’s very first talkie (that is the first talking film) was Alam Ara made by Ardeshir Irani which was released on March 14th 1931.

The closure:

The history of India is deep interesting with reference to various aspects one of them being “The Indian Cinema”. Thus it is also an amazing topic to research on as our cinema has also a great diversity making our country. A home to many interesting, thrilling and adventurous movies.

By – Vaibhav Srivastava


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