India sink on a girl’s wink

Priya prakash varriar

Priya Prakash Varriar: The Wink Girl

Blink???….are you not getting that I am talking about???…..impossible. I know with my above statement you can easily guess what I am talking about. A wink girl, Priya Prakash varrier. Really the people of India are so amazing. Amazing enough to convert a simple video into the fastest viral video of India.

What was the real story

Priya Prakash Varrier is a Malayalam actress. She got fame after the music video of her debut film Oru Adaar Love (2018) gone viral on the internet. This song features a melody in the background while girls and boys are seen flirting with each other in what can be best described as a typical co-ed high school scenario. Now she is popularly known as the wink girl. She got approx. 1.5 million followers in just two days. I think even America Didn’t developed at this rate.


Reaction of people of India

Welcome to the India. A country which is known for its customs, rituals and culture. But with the passing time People of India started attracting towards unique things but I think a wink is too unique to attract. But the amazing fact of incredible people of India is that they did not only like this video but spread it like a fire. In just two days Priya became one of the most famous personalities and the national crush of our country.  A 30 second video attracted the mind of youth of India. Some people also compared her with the other actresses.

Thinking of new generation

In this generation of instant hits and overnight stars, nothing comes as a surprise. right? Check out this age-old kannada gem – which if released today (made to today’s taste) could have made Juhi Chawla an overnight star.

If someone thought a scene was cute and naughty, you couldn’t share it instantly and couldn’t show your reaction /love to the scene. So there’s the reality of next generation now making small things really really big.

The main fact that I want to express that “is she deserves that much attention ?” will she survive or maintain this fame with no talent except winking. And the important thing is that India has more serious matters to think than a girl’s wink. This is the power of social media . Anything can become popular with the help of social media but people should use it in right way.

By- Bhawika Khushlani



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