Adverse Impact of Lifestyle on Health

impact of lifestyle on health


There has been the drastic increase in the lifestyle of people all over the world; change in lifestyle will be the correct statement.  And with these increase in the lifestyle, mortality has also been increased several folds for the mankind. There are three aspects of this which have been changing the lifestyle if people drastically. These three aspects are the unhealthy diet, smoking and physical inactivity. These lifestyle habits are actually resulting in several diseases such as obesity, diabetes, chest and lung diseases.  These adverse effects may not be seen in early life but became very serious in late life and can cause several other problems. Not only this, such type of problems also lead to your financial loss in the process of recovering from these effects.

There is a collection of some lifestyle events which are taking you closer to your deathbed-

The hookah which hooks up your lungs

impact of lifestyle on health

There is greater myth related to smoking hookah, especially flavoured hookah that is lesser harmful than smoking cigar ate or not harmful at all. According to WHO study, it is estimated that the harmful effects of a hookah are equal to that of 100 cigarettes. It is not the vapours which you inhale but the cooled up smoke instead.  It just cools it up but the nicotine content remains the same. Other than this hookah has more quantity of carbon monoxide and floating burned ashes of charcoal. This means that you actually taking more rubbish in your lungs than a cigarette, thus damaging a vital organ of your body. Another myth related to hookah is that you do not get addicted to it so it results in lesser problems. But that is not true as hookah almost has same amount of nicotine as that of a cigarette

Have a check on what you are eating.

impact of lifestyle on health

Obesity can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular problems and may also lead to cancers. There are food in market which can cause or initiate cancer in your body. Habit of eating fast food on everyday basis is actually pushing you closer to your death. It would not be inappropriate to say that with these habits an average person is dying 5 years earlier than actual death time.

What are doing every day for your body!

impact of lifestyle on health

There are two types of people. One, who does not move a muscle i.e., do not exercise at all. The other category is of those who overdo it. Both of these irresponsibilities and over-enthusiasm is taking you away from your fitness. There is a balance in nature for a reason and people are inclined toward breaking this. There are consequences when you break balance to anything and this is your own body we are talking about. So whatever is your schedule, try not to compromise with your body and health.

Wishes for you in the world of hardships and decreasing health!

By- Priya Gupta




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