Human trafficking is not just a prostitute business

jaago hindustan

Human trafficking is not just a prostitute business

jaago hindustan

Our prosperity is not prosperity anymore as long as it is pinned to other people’s pain.

 Human trafficking is more prevalent, complex and close to home then most of us realise. It is not just about a young girl or a woman, who is been brutally forced into prostitution by a violent pimp. Human trafficking is embedded in our everyday lives. In a survey all over the world forced prostitutions accounts for 22%, state imposed labour for 10% and a whooping forced labour exploitation is 68%. That 68% is section for goods and services we rely on everyday. In the field of agriculture, domestic and construction that is basic food and care and shelter. And this very mass of people is underpaid and exploited. Human trafficking is on much smaller scale 2 then we think, just our next door. They are the people of migrants, people of colour, communities and societies.

The sad part is that the criminal justice system which we rely on for justice actually the part of problem rather than solution. In surveys from Bangladesh to United States, 20% – 60% people on sex trade said they have been raped or assaulted by the police in the past year alone. Workers outside the sex trade are there exist the treatment, deportation. A journalist in her journey said that employers have no problem calling on law enforcement to try and threaten or deport hair striking trafficked workers. Someone has rightly said that human trafficking comes in play when need meets greed.

 The legal exploitation

jaago hindustan

Another inhumanly case of global Horizon is also present, worker from Thai were brought to work in factories and farm fields. They were working in systematically degraded work environment. The survivors were brought to the U.S. as guest workers, but still their conditions were not much better.

The road for ALL

It is time for ‘no support’ for companies if they don’t eliminate exploitation from their labour and supply chain, demand laws calling for the same. If all the CEOs of all the companies out there decided to go through their. And say ‘no more’, if guest workers, have right to fight to organise without the fear of retaliation. Only then we’ll be prosperous without being pinned to other people’s pain. We have unwittingly but willingly allowed ourselves to profit from and benefit from far too long.

The first ever anti-trafficking organisation is actually run by Human trafficking survivors from Nepal, they need solidarity not saving.

 Indians on point of a knife

Indian shipyard workers were trafficked to do post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction in New Orleans. They were threatened with deportation, but they broke out from their work compounds. And they marched from New Orleans to Washington D.C. to protest labour exploitation. They cofounded the Guest Worker Alliance, helped other workers in Walmart and Hershey’s factories. These survivors are fighting for people they don’t even know, visioning us the possibility of just world for all of us.

We have power to make different choice. We are all part of this problem, but that means we also have to be the part of the solution.

 By – Priya Gupta


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